Moving the Office and the SevOne Data Center

Moving the Office and the SevOne Data Center

Well SevOne has moved again! Having been with the company for over three years now and having moved our offices to new and larger facilities each of the past three years, you would think I would be getting better at predicting how these events would go. There are going to be scheduling issues that arise but you never know which one will bite you. This time it was the CRAC (computer room air conditioner) that complicated our move to the new location.

Just before we moved we found out that our data center was not going to have any cold air, yet we needed to move people into the new office immediately. With all the servers and networking equipment housed in the data center, we could not run without AC. We had to move our employees and leave the servers and networking gear running in the old data center. We decided that we could use an IPSEC VPN tunnel to connect the data centers. The question then became, how much bandwidth do we really need to do this? So we turned to our own product - the SevOne Performance Appliance Solution (SevOne PAS) - for historical information. After running year long graphs on a number of key interfaces, we learned that our development team needed only about 4Mb of sustained data transfer to operate. Fortunately there was a 10Mb pipe to the internet in the old office and a 50Mb pipe in the new office so bandwidth usage was not an issue. What we were uncertain of was the delay between two carriers and two offices. Again, we turned to the SevOne PAS for answers.

As the new office filled with people on Monday, we watched the Cisco IP SLA tests that measured latency between the two sites to see how we were performing. We were excited to see less than 20ms of delay on average. We immediately set up thresholds so that if we had more than 40ms of sustained delay we would be alerted on our phones. We waited all day Monday to see the result of how working from one office while the data center was in another location would work. Fortunately, through the wonders of the internet and a site-to-site VPN our developers never knew their boxes didn't make the move with them. Armed with a year's worth of granular network performance metrics we correctly predicted that we could leave the gear in the old data center, move to the new office and still operate our business. I however will sleep much better when the AC is on and all the servers are in their rightful place.

Dave Hegenbarth, Director of Systems Engineering for SevOne

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