Network Performance Management Goes from Geek to Chic, 451 Research Reports


451 Research, a leading information technology research and advisory company, recently published a report titled “Expanding IT Forces Expansion of Network Performance Management”. The report covers how network performance management has evolved over time thanks to cloud, mobility, security and the Internet of Things.

One of the key findings of the report is the evolution of network performance management (NPM) from “geek to chic.” Thanks to the interdependencies of the operation of the network with the operation of applications and IT elements, the geeks of network performance management are now seen as the “Surgeon General of IT”. This evolution is prompting vendors to add application performance management and IT ops monitoring capabilities to their products.

SevOne is highlighted as a vendor best positioned to take on the addition of application performance management and IT ops monitoring. The SevOne Digitial Infrastructure Management Platform currently includes analysis and interaction with SDNs, SD-WANS, VMs, containers and hybrid cloud, with future releases planned to further support for container-based microservices. In addition to the SevOne Platform, the joint SevOne and Red Hat NFV Service Assurance Solution provides multi-layer service assurance of VNFs and NFV infrasctructures for OpenStack clouds.

For more information on the evolution and expansion of network performance management, and how SevOne is working toward greater end-to-end visibility of application performance and how it relates to network events, read the entire 451 Research report here.

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