SevOne Announces Partnership with ServiceNow

SevOne Announces Partnership with ServiceNow

A structured process is crucial when working to quickly solve infrastructure issues and avoid revenue-impacting problems.

All too often, just one person or a small IT team is looking for alerts to identify key problems within the infrastructure. If one router goes down and another server is responding slowly, the technician must make a split-second decision about what to address. Things are ignored – and sometimes not seen – which can ultimately snowball into a revenue-impacting problem.

That’s why we’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with ServiceNow, a platform as a service (PaaS) provider of Service Management software for the entire enterprise.

The integration between SevOne and ServiceNow links network alerts from SevOne and incidents in ServiceNow’s IT Systems Management Program (ITSM). Additionally, SevOne, integrates with ServiceNow’s IT Operations Management Platform (ITOM), delivering data visibility across the expanded offering.

The service management system streamlines the help desk process. Requests come in, they’re categorized and prioritized, then assigned to available staff, and tracked in a single system. The partnership will help SevOne customers solve the mystery of who owns what, offering total visibility and control over IT components.

Members of SevOne’s product marketing team – Michael Cucchi, VP of Product Marketing; Dave Hegenbarth, Technical Marketing Director; Pete Jordan, Strategic Alliance Director – recently attended the ServiceNow Sales Kickoff in Orlando.

Operations departments utilize SevOne’s data mediation platform to collect billions of metrics every day from their IT infrastructures, look for performance anomalies, and then feed into systems like ServiceNow to manage resolution.

“As a ServiceNow executive put it, ‘the excitement in the air was palpable,’ and that was true,” Hegenbarth said. “We found the ServiceNow team to be highly engaging and receptive to partner integrations and technologies as they realize that these integrations add to their platform.”

Prior to the announcement, SevOne launched the ServiceNow integration with a large enterprise customer. The enterprise’s global backbone operations manager said the organization’s ticketing system was outdated and messy prior to the upgrade. He also attributed a $500,000 loss to an impacting issue that was not resolved quickly because of the lack of resolution protocol.

With the automated ServiceNow integration, the enterprise has experienced cost savings, reduced MTTR, and gains in efficiency.

“I want the ticketing system and the Network Monitoring System to communicate back and forth with one another,” he said. “Things were siloed before. Now it’s Tier 1 and practically automated.”

This enterprise has also significantly reduced resolution time.

“It used to take 45 minutes to vet an alarm, document it, and escalate it. We can now do that in a tenth of the time,” he said. “If a circuit went down, it took 45 minutes. Now with SevOne and integrated ticketing, it takes about seven to eight minutes.”

Now, with automated diagnostics and tracking, the manager sends the statistics showing resolution times to the VP of the company to show him why it’s important and how the business benefits from the automated ticketing system.

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