SevOne Co-Founder honored by the University of Delaware

SevOne Co-Founder honored by the University of Delaware

SevOne co-founder Tanya Bakalov was named a 2016 recipient of the Lerner College of Business and Economics Alumni Awards of Excellence.

Less than 100 Lerner College alumni have been honored with this award since it’s inception 25 years ago, making it one of the university’s most prestigious awards.

The Lerner College’s mission is to inspire and transform its students to be equipped to handle the challenges and continuous changes of the business world.

The college recognizes the huge impact that its alumni have on the success of the students, offering opportunities ranging from career advice, to internships, to full time employment post-graduation.

The awarded alumni have experienced much success post-graduation, and have in-turn, given back to the school where it all started. That’s the true measure of honor that this award carries. Judges evaluated what nominees have done in their careers, what they have given back to their communities and what they have given back to Lerner College.

At the award ceremony, Bakalov said the college was instrumental in preparing her for her future career.

Tanya Bakalov UD Alumni Award

“UD helped me to become passionate about accounting and business. The school gave me the tools and experience needed to pass all four CPA exams on the first try,” Bakalov said. “This head start in my career has been very influential and the foundation to my career success.”

Today, Bakalov is still close with many of her old professors, and constantly seeks out ways to stay involved in both the University as well as the Delaware community.

Tanya Bakalov UD Lerner Award

“I am deeply honored to be selected by the UD Alumni Board as one of the few recipients of the Award of Excellence. I accept it with deep gratitude toward the professors who taught and mentored me and the incredible Lerner community of alumni and business leaders,” Bakalov said.

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