SevOne Competing with the Gorillas

SevOne Competing with the Gorillas

During a recent press interview with Dow Jones Investment Banker, we were asked how a dynamic young IT company such as ours can compete and win against the industry gorillas such as HP, IBM, BMC, and CA. The reporter was aware of the standard tactics that large vendors use to maintain a stronghold on customers, such as, negotiating long term license agreements and bundling products together and including their vulnerable products as “free.”

We have found that our enterprise and service provider customers and prospects are also aware of these tactics as these companies are under tremendous pressure to consolidate tools, decrease costs, and improve service levels. This challenge has certainly become more complex with the introduction of cloud and virtualized infrastructures. Legacy IT vendors have their own challenges, which limit their ability to help customers decrease costs and improve agility.

Dynamic, fast growing IT companies have to be more agile. Software updates can be delivered quickly in smaller increments that can add value in real time, without disruption. Support can be more agile. Enterprises and Service Providers are faced with new challenges every day. For example, a new device, a new cloud application, or VMware may be introduced to a company's network. Time is of the essence; companies don't have the time to wait for a new performance management software release, nor do they have time to go through a procurement process to add visibility.

That is why we choose to deliver our value as an all-in-one appliance solution that is easy to buy and easy to deploy. All of the collection and reporting technologies are included in a single solution. No additional software, hardware, or external databases are needed for the SevOne Performance Appliance Solution (SevOne PAS™) to provide real-time network and application performance visibility. Furthermore, this all-in-one approach simplifies workflows. Navigation from a utilization alert to a NetFlow-sourced traffic analysis report can be achieved in a couple of clicks. The legacy infrastructure management solutions have been built via acquisition. So, workflows like the one discussed above involve navigating separate products with disparate operating systems, databases, and sometimes even separate user interfaces.

The all-in-one, easy to buy and deploy strategy helps us to stay in front of the competition. Further, SevOne's distributed peer-to-peer architecture, designed to scale to monitor the world's largest IT environments without sacrificing speed, is another huge advantage over legacy hierarchical architectures.

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