“SevOne is the Best Solution on the Market”

“SevOne is the Best Solution on the Market”

Last month we shared some noteworthy SevOne reviews from IT Central Station – a review site that’s often called the “Yelp or TripAdvisor for enterprise technology.”

We’re following up today with a few more reviews from real SevOne users that shed light on how SevOne provides business value for our customers. As we mentioned before, reviews posted on IT Central Station are real and unbiased. The reviewer can choose to share their name or remain anonymous, ultimately allowing real users and independent consultants to share their experience in a high quality community of decision makers.

Read on for this month’s reviews of SevOne from real users:

“This is the best solution...on the market for the dollar with the simplest ramp up and ease of administration,” said a director of systems management at a health, wellness and fitness company with 100-1,000 employees. Read the full review here.

“The reporting capabilities provide us with important metrics and data that help us with oversight of our system, network, and overall IT infrastructure, both in terms of applications and hardware,” said Mr. Khan, Sr. Software Engr. at a communications service provider with 100-1,000 employees. Read his full review here.

“SevOne threshold monitoring alerts help us improve our network monitoring. Procedures in troubleshooting were built on predefined SevOne reports,” said a senior network capacity planner at a tech services company with 1,000+ employees. Read the full review here.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts about SevOne!

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