SevOne vs. Solarwinds

SevOne vs. Solarwinds

On Friday Network Management Software posted an article - Product Comparison: SevOne 5.3 vs. Solarwinds Network Performance Monitor 10.5.

Both SevOne and Solarwinds contributed to the comparison. Everyone knows comparing network management solutions and tools can be a difficult task. Many organizations use multiple tools to manage their infrastructures. My immediate responses: Where does the truth lie? How can you trust multiple tools? Do they all say the same thing about the health of your network?

I digress... The comparison encompasses everything you need to understand when choosing between SevOne and Solarwinds. Comparisons include:

  • Monitoring Capabilities
  • Integration Capabilities
  • Scalability
  • Reporting, and
  • Licensing and Pricing

Click here to check out the whole comparison. Comment below and tell us which tool you'd choose!

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