SevOne’s Most Innovative Architecture Award

SevOne’s Most Innovative Architecture Award

In August, the SevOne Performance Appliance SolutionTM was awarded “Most Innovative Architecture” by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), in their EMA Radar for Application-Aware Network Performance Management report. This is a great validation of the peer-to-peer architecture of SevOne, which scales linearly by adding additional appliances to a SevOne cluster of performance appliances.

Peer-to-Peer Architecture
In our peer-to-peer architecture, every appliance is both a collector and a reporter, and aware of what devices are monitored by each appliance. A user can log into any one of the peer appliances and get exactly the same dashboard and reporting interface. The report processing is done by the peer appliance that owns the device performance indicators. The reporting appliance requests data from its peers and only the processed results needed for the report are returned to the requester, who then displays the desired report or graph.

Increasing Speed at Scale
The scalability of our peer-to-peer architecture can be seen when a Network Overview Report is run, one that collates data from all devices across the entire network. With the addition of more SevOne appliances, the report actually runs faster instead of slower. Normally, the benefit of adding additional collectors to a performance monitoring system diminishes as more are added. This is because a hierarchical model is used, where collectors feed data into aggregators which then feed a central reporting system. The performance of the central reporter degrades as more data is sent to it by the hierarchy of collectors, and then by the demands of additional report generation as the system is scaled.

The Ultimate Validation
The scalability of the SevOne platform is enabling our largest customers to monitor their entire network and server infrastructure while also consolidating disparate and legacy performance management tools across network and server teams. While awards are nice to receive, the ultimate validation is our enterprise customers and service providers with 30 and 40 appliances deployed, that are steadily growing their SevOne deployments and reducing their operations costs while increasing service levels!

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