The IoT Standards Battle

The IoT Standards Battle

We've transitioned from an Internet of People to an Internet of Things.

It happened back in 2008 when connected devices first outnumbered the human population, but the explosion of connected devices has just begun. The forecasts are astonishing:

  • 26 to 50 billion connected devices will live on our global networks by 2020
  • There will be three times as many Internet-connected things on Earth as there are humans within the next 10 years
  • For every Internet-connected PC or handset there will be 5-10 other types of devices sold with native Internet connectivity

Right now, there is a battle shaping up between various standards-based bodies and industry leaders. Which framework will become the basis for communications among the Internet of Things (IoT)? Network World recently published a guide to understanding the players involved. It's reminiscent of the old VHS versus Betamax days.

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No matter which standard outlasts the others, you need to prepare now. Will you be able to monitor the performance and availability of these new connected devices and non-standard data?

The IoT will have a material impact on Service Providers and the Enterprise. The IoT era data center will feature IP-enabled power strips, generators, sensors, locks, cameras, environmental management systems, smart racks, and other connected "things."

It's clear that some organizations are better prepared than others to ensure the performance and availability of their infrastructure in the IoT age.

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