The Weather Channel Achieves Operational Insight of its Digital Infrastructure with SevOne

The Weather Channel Achieves Operational Insight of its Digital Infrastructure with SevOne

We’ve heard this scenario a few times at SevOne: An organization has no comprehensive network monitoring solution in place and isn’t quite sure they need one. However, they begin experiencing a few issues, such as more frequent outages, and decide they need something. So they decide to implement a few free tools, thinking they’ll get the job done.

But those free tools can only perform simple functions. They don’t work together or provide a full picture of what’s going on. This leaves the network administrators to be reactive rather than proactive, only able to troubleshoot an issue after it has already wreaked havoc in the system. Soon all of their time is taken up trying to figure out why issues occurred rather than making sure they don’t happen again.

That was the case with The Weather Channel. The Weather Channel is one of the most widely distributed cable networks, serving 160 million consumers across multiple delivery channels. But in 2011, it had no infrastructure monitoring in place, leaving it vulnerable to outage-causing issues.

When Keith Tatum, Network Architect at The Weather Channel, joined the organization, he realized that the company was missing crucial insights into the infrastructure. He started implementing free tools but he found himself doing lots of manual data entry every time he wanted to add a device to the network. The tools didn’t provide end-to-end visibility and didn’t allow the organization to drill into the “who, what, when, where and why” of happenings in the infrastructure.

The Weather Channel wanted to be able to proactively respond to issues, but often found that they were no better off than where they started -- hoping nothing went wrong and if something did, having to pour through mountains of data to try to solve the issue.

This understandably left The Weather Channel feeling disorganized, not confident, and frustrated. That is, until it deployed SevOne. Today the organization benefits from reduced risk, time savings, and higher confidence from internal and external customers thanks to having end-to-end visibility of its digital infrastructure.

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