Unleash the Power of Your Network with Next Generation Performance Management

Unleash the Power of Your Network with Next Generation Performance Management

Managing government networks is really about life and death. A single instance of network degradation can result in devastation for innocent life, at home or abroad. Agencies must be one step ahead - and there is no room for error. A next-generation performance management system is imperative for federal agencies to share data, address critical infrastructure needs, and anticipate threats.

Yesterday, former Secretary of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge joined us for a webinar focusing on how to effectively deliver always-on service access to our nation's armed forces. Governor Ridge spoke about the importance of network performance management for the Federal Government. After his talk, Nick Patterson from Lockheed Martin presented along with Pete Cruz from SevOne, who you are all familiar with from our Whiteboard Video Series..

“To effectively operate, agencies must be capable of sharing information as quickly as possible,” said Ridge. “During my time as Secretary of Homeland Security, I saw firsthand the critical need to ensure that information is shared quickly and efficiently so that federal agencies, states, locals, law enforcement and first respondents could proactively take action to stop, mitigate, and respond to incidents.”

We were so excited that Governor Ridge took the time to join us yesterday. If you were not able to attend the webinar, stay tuned for the On Demand version coming soon. In the meantime, you can view the Tom Ridge segment in the video below.

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