Watch These Videos to Learn More About SevOne’s Recent Enhancements

Watch These Videos to Learn More About SevOne’s Recent Enhancements

SevOne recently unveiled a series of enhancements for its SevOne Digital Infrastructure Management Platform.

The new capabilities allow companies to realize the business value from initiatives such as software-defined data center (SDDC), software-defined WAN (SD-WAN), hybrid cloud, and carrier network virtualization.

The new enhancements include SevOne 5.6, SevOne Performance Log Appliance 2.1, along with new support for Cisco ACI, VMware vCenter, Viptela SD-WAN, Cisco IWAN, Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, and Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud.

Watch the videos below for more detail on four of the newest features:

Native Cisco ACI Integration:

Monitor and manage the performance of Cisco ACI infrastructure and automatically understand physical, endpoint and tenant topological relationships. Monitor KPIs related to network and infrastructure utilization across enterprise and carrier-based ACI implementations while providing granular reporting and deep performance alerts.

New Flow Alerting and Enhancements:

Create policies and thresholds to generate alerts based on flow-based information to gain deeper visibility into application performance via NetFlow, IPFIX, J-Flow, sFlow, AppFlow, while also supporting Cisco AVC and NBAR2.

Improved Reporting and Infrastructure Visualization with Live Maps:

View alerts for nodes and paths with a single click to deliver real-time insights across thousands of users. Alerts are displayed instantly as soon as they are created.

RESTful API for Platform Automation:

Operations teams can now automate platform operations actions such as the creation, deletion and updating of objects, devices, sources, metadata, alerts, policies, groups, reports and maps. Additionally the new RESTful API allows operators to integrate alerts and conditions via WebHooks, paving the way for more comprehensive integration between SevOne and other operational tools.

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