Why Integrated Network and Virtual Server Performance

Why Integrated Network and Virtual Server Performance

As IT silos continue to converge, especially in virtualized data centers and with cloud-based services, an increasing number of customers have expressed their need for SevOne to monitor more than their network infrastructure. With virtualization and cloud services adoption increasing, we are seeing that the network and server operations teams need to expand and standardize their monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities to include virtual server infrastructure and cloud services.

Existing virtualization tools are similar to network element management tools used by network engineering teams in that they provide the ability for the owner of the system to configure, provision, and monitor that specific type of element. These tools are typically not available to the operations teams or these specialized tools lack the standard operations center functionality required to proactively ensure application performance and reliability. SevOne gives operations teams the ability to easily expand their services to include the virtual infrastructure and reduce their costs and improve service levels through consolidation and standardization of monitoring and performance management.

The SevOne VM Monitoring solution gives operations teams complete visibility into both the virtual and physical environments, through one integrated platform. SevOne builds a dynamic baseline of normal behavior for all key performance indicators, and sets threshold-based alerts for when actual performance levels deviate from their historical norms. This enables operations staff to monitor and proactively manage their virtual infrastructure using the same reporting consoles and workflows used to manage their network and physical servers.

Furthermore, SevOne addresses the main limitations of specialized virtualization vendors’ tools by monitoring what is happening inside the ESX server, the virtual machines (VMs), and across all network devices. This allows operations to effectively determine where a service impacting performance degradation is occurring, in the network, on the ESX server, or the VM itself.

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