Will online streams of the Euro Cup deliver?

Will online streams of the Euro Cup deliver?

Millions of fans across the world use their mobile devices and tablets to watch live streams of sporting events.

The same goes for fans of the UEFA European Championship. Soccer matches this summer have drawn in about 2 million online viewers per game, says Akamai Technologies.

The Euro Cup’s maximum peak traffic for streaming matches, so far, was 4.03 terabits per second. The tournament, Akamai officials say, will generate double the amount of peak online streaming traffic compared to the 2014 World Cup.

That number is expected to further increase during the semi-final round of the tournament, which pits Portugal against Wales on July 6, and Germany against France on July 7. The winners will face off for the title on July 10.

“We’re expecting to see peak traffic for Euro 2016 hit the 10-13 Tbps. So in two years we’re actually seeing a doubling in traffic,” said Akamai’s Ian Munford, adding that prior to the Euros, the 2014 World Cup was the biggest online audience the company had delivered.

The explosion of mobile broadband and Internet services tied to major live events has placed tremendous pressure on service providers. These organizations are expected to deliver a quality experience, regardless of surges in demand.

And in today’s mobile economy, networks and providers simply cannot provide spotty streams or interrupted content. It’s crucial for these organizations to know when to expect massive amounts of consumers logging on to view fields and to plan appropriately.

The biggest threat to successfully delivering an application or service today is the ability to scale that application or service to meet consumer demands.

A key component of the solution is a digital infrastructure management platform that reports on current and future capacity needs. Service providers rely on platforms like SevOne to monitor and report on the impact that major world events – like the Euro Cup, the Super Bowl and the Pope’s historic visit to the United States – have on their network capacity.

The SevOne Digital Infrastructure Management Platform delivers true speed at scale.

By speed, we mean that it gives you visibility and operational insights to manage your entire infrastructure in real time. By scale, we mean that as the volume of items you’re monitoring grows – and the number of people who need to access the data increases – the SevOne Platform will continue to deliver complete visibility, reporting in seconds, without limitations thanks to it’s patented SevOne Cluster™ architecture.

That’s right; the SevOne Platform can scale to monitor billions of objects. It has been put to the test in some of the world’s largest and most demanding hyper-scale environments, and it has met the challenge every time.

Simply put, it is the fastest, most scalable, and most comprehensive infrastructure data collection, monitoring, analytics, and reporting solution available today.

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