With SevOne, Preventable Incidents are Down at Devereux

With SevOne, Preventable Incidents are Down at Devereux

Devereux – one of the nation’s oldest and largest nonprofit behavioral healthcare providers, serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges – relies daily on its new incident tracking and electronic health record systems to better orchestrate everyday processes for doctors, educators, and other providers responsible for the treatment programs Devereux delivers. Devereux’s EHR and incident tracking systems are critical to business operations and mission. It’s how contracted managed care and Medicaid entities interact with Devereux for billing and payment. It’s where health records are securely stored and accessed. It’s how doctors and nurses, educational staff, caregivers and contractors share reports and notes.

Prior to deploying SevOne, and in response to user dissatisfaction with the performance of the new EHR system, Devereux contracted a third party, who conducted an infrastructure assessment. Devereux also initiated a review of four performance-monitoring solutions, including their incumbent.

Tom Shurer, Vice President Information Resources, and two members of his team – Anthony DiSarro, Information Systems Manager, and David Sutton, Systems Engineer – said they needed a monitoring solution that would help them be more proactive in detecting system performance issues.

“We had difficulty proactively monitoring our critical IT systems,” Shurer said. “We needed to find a monitoring solution that would be an integral part of our daily IT workflow, helping us identify and address issues before they became problems.”

SevOne was chosen as Devereux’s long-term digital infrastructure management solution based on its ability to monitor all types of infrastructure in real-time with highly granular visibility, and the scale to collect time series data with automatic baselining, thresholding and alerting capabilities.

SevOne has equipped Devereux – which is 90 percent virtualized and runs 800 VMs on 50 VMware hosts – with the confidence and tools to proactively address performance issues.

With SevOne deployed, the number of preventable incidents is down. The team now utilizes much richer and more accurate baseline data, which better informs their decisions.

“Previously, a lot of time was spent trying to figure out what went wrong. Opportunity was lost because our energy was used discovering underlying causes,” Shurer said. “Now, we have a lot more insight.”

For more on how Devereux utilizes SevOne to better their business, read our new customer story here.

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