SevOne moves management platform to the cloud

SevOne has shifted its formerly appliance-based management platform to the cloud. With its SevOne Data Platform, SevOne intends to bring management and analytics to where enterprises are working in the cloud, according to Jim Melvin, SevOne's CMO.

"Fundamentally, what we've done is we've taken our appliance-based software and we've containerized it," Melvin said. "We've made it so it can run in just about anything you want it to run in."

The platform includes three new offerings: Data Engine, Data Insight and Data Bus. Data Engine collects the actual data; Data Insight allows users to customize analytics and visualization for a more efficient workflow; and Data Bus lets enterprises send and receive data from other analytics packages, like custom data lakes, business insight packages or security operations.

Data Insight and Data Bus are available now, while Data Engine will be available later in 2017, according to Melvin.

Melvin said he thinks SevOne's cloud-based platform will not only help improve a company's workflow, but also benefit enterprises implementing software-based technologies.

"These technologies -- like SDN, SD-WAN and NFV -- provide great promise for the companies that are deploying them in terms of flexibility," Melvin said. "But frankly, they've been a huge potential fear, risk or even nightmare for operational teams that have to embrace them. It's just another big change."

With a cloud-based platform in place, however, Melvin contends enterprises can keep up with the rapid changes in virtualized technologies and succeed with software-defined infrastructures.

SevOne moves management platform to the cloud

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