SevOne SDN Monitoring Platform Eases Transition to Cisco ACI Environments

Performance monitoring company SevOne today released version 2.0 of its enterprise software-defined networking (SDN) monitoring system for Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) environments.

SevOne integrated its SDN monitoring package with Cisco ACI last year to gain data, metrics, and logs from the ACI controller and other ACI network elements. It now extends visibility to data center assets such as firewalls and load balancers and across the campus to wide area networks and branch offices.

The newest release of the platform integrates new capabilities from the SevOne Data platform — which launched last year — to simplify the deployment of Cisco ACI and give end users operational insight into their infrastructure.

“We’ve essentially enhanced the number of pieces of the solution to streamline data collection from the Cisco ACI, to deliver built-in templates for users to understand best practices for monitoring Cisco ACI,” said SevOne SVP of Marketing and Corporate Development Jim Melvin. “It really enables best practices for easing the transition to, and [monitoring the] ongoing operations, of these hybrid environments including Cisco ACI.”

Melvin likened Cisco ACI to a complex control room of a nuclear submarine where there are a number of gauges, levers, buttons, and knobs. SevOne helps to bring all these complex elements into one operational environment where customers can visualize, track, and trend everything that’s happening in their environments.

The SevOne 2.0 SDN monitoring solution achieves this by adding 10 new interactive dashboards, which automatically monitor a number of network elements such as topology displays and capacity analysis. It also provides end users with automated insight into tenant and end-point groupings and health scores, multi-APIC cluster statuses, and fabric capacity analysis.

SevOne SDN Monitoring Platform Eases Transition to Cisco ACI Environments

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