SevOne Supports Move From MPLS to SD-WAN With New Monitoring Tool

SevOne is extending its network and infrastructure management capabilities to SD-WAN environments. The SevOne SD-WAN Monitoring, based on its Data Platform technology, offers network services over enterprises’ multi-tenant SD-WANs.

The initial release of the software is primarily focused on giving insights into Cisco’s SD-WAN service, which is based on Viptela technology. However, according to SevOne VP of Marketing Brian Promes, the way in which the monitoring software is designed is to be multi-vendor, and in the near future it will support other SD-WAN vendors.

SevOne is targeting managed service providers (MSPs) with this monitoring tool. “As they [MSPs] begin to offer SD-WAN services to ease deployment and operation of these WANs with faster performance and the ability to scale bandwidth cost-effectively they will have both these new SD-WAN networks and their existing MPLS networks to manage,” said Promes.

The SevOne SD-WAN monitoring will support MSP’s existing MPLS networks and SD-WAN networks with a single-pane-of-glass view into the entire WAN infrastructure. Once a new SD-WAN infrastructure is set up, the software will automatically monitor the new network.

The SevOne software collects both real-time and historic data to give real-time insight across the whole service delivery path. It monitors network assets including enterprise campus and branch office WiFi, software-defined data centers (SDDC), and public clouds.

In addition, SevOne’s single dashboard can be customized to both share and compare specific insights across multiple MSP teams.

Earlier this year, SevOne released version 2.0 of its SDN monitoring system for Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) environments. The platform was updated to integrate new capabilities from the SevOne Data platform that can ease to transition to hybrid environments.

SevOne Supports Move From MPLS to SD-WAN With New Monitoring Tool

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