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15 Jul
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SevOne READY Enables Collaborative Digital Infrastructure Management Ecosystem

SevOne, a leading provider of digital infrastructure management solutions, today announced the launch of the SevOne READY Program. SevOne READY is a new technology and go-to-market alliance program that allows technology providers to leverage their solutions and the open interfaces of the SevOne Digital Infrastructure Management Platform to help drive its customers’ journey to the cloud. Program participation will allow partners to create integrated offerings in key areas including software-defined networking environments, datacenter server and storage, hybrid cloud, business analytics, the Internet of Things and more.

4 Jul
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Legacy Monitoring Tools 'Aren't Cutting It' Report Says

Legacy monitoring tools are simply not cutting it any more, SevOne says. The digital infrastructure management solutions provider released a new report detailing the problems enterprises with legacy tools are facing.

The report, entitled “State of Legacy Tools”, says 84 per cent (out of 322 surveyed) of enterprises are monitoring their infrastructure, but just 11 per cent are satisfied with the capabilities and the return on investment on their current platforms.

30 Jun
Press Coverage

SevOne Founders Vess And Tanya Bakalov Named EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2016 Regional Winner In Infrastructure Software

SevOne, the leading global provider of digital infrastructure management solutions, announced that their co-founders Vess and Tanya Bakalov, received the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2016 Award in the Infrastructure Software category for New England.

14 Jun
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128 Technology Unveils Plan to Fix the Internet With Smart Routers

It’s safe to say the Internet was not originally designed for its current use. What started as a way to send packets of data between computers has become the backbone of daily life in many parts of the world. Now, with the explosion of mobile and connected devices, Web services, and cloud-based everything, the networking burden has become so complex that some companies struggle to deliver online services reliably and efficiently. And when there’s a problem—think traffic jam or cyber attack—it’s really hard to figure out what happened, and how to fix it.

9 Jun
Press Coverage

Closing The DDoS Floodgates: Why DDoS Attacks Are Not Inevitable

Of all the malicious hacking threats now facing enterprise networks, the DDoS attack is by far the most common and easily executed. This type of attack has plagued businesses for years, but it has recently gained particular notoriety in the media, with high-profile organizations reporting being the victim of large-scale attacks.

Such attacks can hit networks for up to 320 hours at a time, inflicting considerable damage to a company’s sales, service offering and reputation.