SevOne CEO Marks Six Months with $100K Buyback Discount Offer

One-time buyback program offers credit of up to one hundred thousand dollars for customers seeking to replace legacy performance monitoring systems

Wilmington, DE, December 18, 2013 — SevOne, the leader in providing scalable performance monitoring solutions to the world’s most connected companies, today announced that CEO Jack Sweeney is offering prospective customers a one-time buyback discount of up to one hundred thousand dollars. Six months into his tenure with SevOne, Sweeney has initiated the competitive replacement program in response to market demand for a migration path away from legacy performance monitoring systems.

"Since joining SevOne earlier this year, I have talked to many customers who repeatedly tell me that we're solving monitoring problems for them that they didn't think were solvable," said CEO Sweeney. “At the same time, many other companies who don’t know us yet are hesitant to take the plunge with a new performance monitoring system. Recognizing the value of what we deliver, and the opportunity to bring new long-term customers into the future of performance monitoring, I am offering a one-time credit as incentive for companies to migrate to SevOne and realize the benefits of complete performance visibility. There is a reason seven of the thirteen largest banks in the world, two of the four largest pharmaceutical companies, and two of the four largest software companies all use SevOne."

In a recent company-wide assessment, SevOne discovered:

  • Seventy-seven percent of companies who evaluate SevOne go on to make a purchase
  • Ninety-nine percent renew support after years one and two
  • Customers average an eighty-six percent increase in their SevOne deployments after year one

The success of SevOne is driven by a unique technology approach, unparalleled system scalability, and the significant resources SevOne has dedicated to making sure companies have the real-time performance data they need. The SevOne Cluster™ Architecture leverages the power of distributed computing and delivers new levels of speed and accuracy to troubleshooting efforts. In today's increasingly complex carrier and enterprise networks and data centers, SevOne offers a superior approach to infrastructure performance management.

Key reasons customers switch to SevOne include: better data collection through high-frequency polling, better data storage with twelve months of raw data stored, appliance-based delivery for improved time to value, and a higher level of trust that all data will be accurate and timely.

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