SevOne Extends Market Leadership with the Industry’s First Monitoring and AIOps Platform for Network Streaming Telemetry

BOSTON--SevOne, a leading provider of network management solutions, today announced SevOne Data Cloud, the industry’s first monitoring and AIOps platform developed specifically for Network Streaming Telemetry.

SevOne Data Cloud, a new powerful SaaS-based offering, includes features designed for network and datacenter engineering, architecture, operations and data science teams at large enterprises, carriers and managed service provider companies. This new platform helps these teams meet their business agility, efficiency and reliability goals through faster, more accurate troubleshooting and SLA compliance. SevOne Data Cloud also enables more precise capacity planning and optimization; granular, policy-based event detection and alert subscriptions to drive automation; and new business value through flexible, data science analytics. Together, SevOne Data Cloud and SevOne Data Platform enable the monitoring of networks today and their transition to the networks of tomorrow.
“As networks transition to support the next generation of cloud-based applications and services driving digital transformation, more granular and deterministic performance data is becoming critical for continuous operations,” said Jack Sweeney, SevOne CEO. “Machine learning and automation capabilities -- the core of AIOps -- are increasingly required to meet these needs. SevOne Data Cloud is the first SaaS-based monitoring and AIOps platform for streaming telemetry available to meet these global business demands by providing the granular insight needed to keep these businesses running smoothly and without interruption.”
Legacy management systems, which often depend on poll-based metrics that are gathered once every five minutes from across an infrastructure, can limit the efficiency and reliability of networks and applications and the overall businesses they support. To address this challenge, leading network equipment providers are beginning to support a push type of model to provide performance data, eliminating the need for management systems to poll these new devices. Now management systems can request specific telemetry data be sent to them at specific intervals, some as fast as every second, which can lead to up to 300 times more data to be collected and analyzed in real-time.
SevOne Data Cloud addresses market challenges with:
  • Real-time and historical insight of streaming telemetry and syslogs at cloud scale
  • Unlimited service-based tagging for business context
  • Real-time and on-demand policy-based analytics
  • A powerful and flexible SaaS offering

“Today’s applications and networks no longer just support your business, they are your business,” added Jim Melvin, SVP Marketing and Corporate Development at SevOne. “In an always on, always connected digital world, the expectation is for enterprises, carriers and managed service providers to deliver flawless network and application experiences to their employees, customers and business partners every second of every day. SevOne Data Cloud, the first network monitoring and AIOps platform for streaming telemetry, ensures that these challenges are met.”

SevOne Extends Market Leadership with the Industry’s First Monitoring and AIOps Platform for Network Streaming Telemetry

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