SevOne Receives Application Certification from ServiceNow

Integration Enables Real-Time Analytics and Troubleshooting Within Digital Infrastructures 

BOSTON―Today SevOne announced it received certification of its application with ServiceNow®. Certification by ServiceNow signifies that SevOne has successfully completed a set of defined tests focused on integration, interoperability, security and performance. The certification also ensures that best practices are utilized in the design and implementation of SevOne’s application with ServiceNow.

Digital infrastructures and applications have become the backbone of business, enabling companies to deliver unmatched user experiences and remain competitive in an increasingly digital world. As software-defined technology continues to evolve, businesses can only succeed by differentiating themselves through their performance and service availability, which requires a digital infrastructure that is increasingly complex and difficult to scale, support and maintain.

SevOne brings real-time network and infrastructure management and alerts to ServiceNow, automating the creation of service incidents and tickets, enriching the information provided to operations teams, and drastically streamlining and simplifying troubleshooting and problem resolution. At the same time, ServiceNow populates the SevOne Platform with environment, user, and device information and metadata, ensuring clear communication and common intelligence between application, networking, systems and IT operations teams. This combination of technologies provides a real-time solution for alerting on and resolving problems across complex infrastructures before they negatively affect the end user experience.

“Through transformative digital initiatives, global businesses are creating complex, next-generation infrastructures which require constant monitoring and maintenance,” said Jack Sweeney, CEO, SevOne. “We’re excited that we now have a certified integration with ServiceNow to provide our customers with the real-time analytics and operations insights they need to succeed in today’s digital connected world.”

For more information on the integration, please click here.

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