SevOne SDN Monitoring Solution for Cisco ACI Helps Accelerate the Adoption of Data Center Automation and Virtualization

SevOne, a leading provider of network and infrastructure management solutions, today launched the SevOne SDN Monitoring Solution for Cisco ACI at the 2017 Cisco Live! Conference (Booth #1529). The SevOne SDN Monitoring Solution integrates SevOne’s world-class network and infrastructure monitoring functionality with the next-generation capabilities of Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), providing complete visibility into all the entities comprising a Cisco ACI-based deployment. This powerful combination delivers greater agility and scalability to large, enterprise and communication service provider environments, while giving IT and network operations managers more unified, real-time visibility to both the virtual (overlay) and the physical (underlay) components of an infrastructure, along with the relationships between them.

"Given the compelling potential benefits, it is only a matter of time before most networks operate on SDN," said Jim Melvin, SevOne’s SVP and Chief Marketing Officer. “Enterprises that are using SevOne are maximizing these benefits through real-time, seamless insight across the physical and virtualized environment.”

Interactive Dashboards Give Greater Visibility into Cisco ACI Deployments

The SevOne SDN Monitoring Solution includes seven interactive dashboards which manage the transition to SDN. They visualize the physical and virtual relationships with automated mappings of Cisco ACI deployments, as well as automatically provide service assurance. These dashboards also enable a greater understanding of how infrastructure performance impacts the applications and services made available through Cisco ACI deployments.

- Automated Topography Dashboards - provide users with greater insight into both the virtual (overlay) and the physical (underlay) components of their infrastructure, allowing for a more in-depth understanding of the health and performance of their SDN-based implementation

- Tenant-Driven Logical Visibility Dashboards - help teams easily visualize their new dynamic network from a tenant and application first perspective

- Tenant KPIs and Health Score Dashboards - display real-time and historical views of health statistics of the overall system and of individual tenant-based operations

- System-Wide Fault Reporting Dashboards - enable teams to quickly visualize fault critically across the entire system or by domain and type

- Application Network Profile and End Point Group Fault Dashboards - give operations and engineering teams a better understanding of the health of their overall system, including logical entities such as end point groups, application network profiles and tenants, in real-time and historically

- Automated Baselining Dashboards - deliver proactive notifications for abnormal behavior of Cisco ACI system based on historical trends

- Node and End Point Topology Dashboards - automatically display the physical and logical relationships, enabling users to quickly visualize their Cisco ACI implementation

The SevOne SDN Monitoring Solution currently gathers data from Cisco ACI-based infrastructures, integrating directly with the ACI Control layer and the underlying physical infrastructure for complete visibility into all the entities comprising a Cisco ACI-based deployment. Support for other leading SDN offerings will be made available in future versions of the solution.

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