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19 May

Positive Business Outcomes are Within Reach with Flow Analytics


As your business embarks on a digital transformation, lean on flow analytics to provide the business-critical insights you need.

We are in the midst of a digital transformation, one that is tasking organizations to reimagine their businesses and the way they provide services to customers, and one that requires infrastructure that needs to be built and managed carefully.

Stakeholders will need to be able to understand how applications are being used, what the behavior is of those applications in the infrastructure, and get visibility into what applications are being used over the infrastructure.

This visibility can be unleashed through the untapped power of flow analytics, which will help you answer those exact questions. Flow analytics can help businesses achieve the positive business outcomes they’re reaching for by seeing application use in your infrastructure, understanding and acting on application and network behaviors, while gaining insights into authorized and unauthorized traffic.

With the SevOne Digital Infrastructure Management Platform, you can observe network traffic as it enters or exits an interface, and analyze the data to determine application utilization, the causes of congestion, traffic patterns, bandwidth utilization per application, and more.

The SevOne Platform collects flow records from a variety of vendors and sources, then analyzes behaviors through alerts and policies, allowing you to visualize application and infrastructure behaviors and gain actionable insights around application delivery.

Positive business outcomes are within reach with flow analytics. Here are four reasons why:

  • Packet analysis without probes – Visibility into application and infrastructure behaviors without the cost of dedicated traffic probe solutions.
  • Application traffic awareness – Gain deeper understanding of traffic patterns, application usage and types of service.
  • Plan capacity with confidence – Understand bandwidth use down to protocols and conversations to better target capacity increases and infrastructure optimization.
  • Operational insights into your applications – Turn your deeper understanding of your infrastructure into actionable operational insights with real-time analytics.

Flow analytics give you critical insights into your traffic – like top talker lists, traffic breakdown, interface utilization/bandwidth statistics, protocol and application usage, trending information, and anomaly detection – at a very reasonable cost compared to other traffic inspection solutions in the market.

See Flow Alerting for SevOne 5.6 in Action

To unleash these outcomes and gain actionable insights into your applications and infrastructure, the SevOne Platform provides flow analytics with speed at scale. The patented SevOne Cluster Architecture and fast raw data store allows you to monitor thousands of interfaces and report in seconds.

Additionally the SevOne Platform provides a unique Metric-to-Flow workflow that makes sure you can switch between data points providing deeper visibility into performance events and allowing you to cut troubleshooting time in half.

Written by Stefan Schneider
Sr. Product Manager

As a product manager, Stefan is primarily responsible for ensuring that SevOne products solve the current and future needs of the Service Provider market.

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