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4 May

Red Hat Picks SevOne for Service Assurance

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Service assurance provider SevOne said today that its platform was chosen to provide automated insight and analytics into Red Hat’s network functions virtualization (NFV) solution.

Red Hat selected SevOne because it has a service assurance offer around NFV, said Jim Melvin, chief marketing officer at SevOne.

“We can monitor the entire service delivery stack and make sure that services are operating within the SLAs [service level agreements] they want them to,” Melvin said.

SevOne’s platform is able to accomplish this by acquiring data from complex devices at a high rate; analyzing that data by creating baselines of what’s normal so users can compare and contrast normalized data; and automating the whole process within a virtualized network.

By monitoring each layer of an NFV-based architecture, the SevOne software can detect when new virtual network functions (VNFs) are deployed and where they are running on the Red Hat OpenStack platform.

“Carriers like AT&TVerizonT-Mobile, and Sprint are likely to be deploying these technologies, and large fixed broadband companies like Comcast and Charter Communications are looking to do the same because all of these technologies promise lower operating costs, more agility to services, and the ability to maintain reliable standards,” Melvin said.

Particularly in the U.S., mobile providers are looking to offer more services to customers, especially as the number of mobile subscribers has plateaued. “A lot of these providers are moving to the content space because that is what’s driving dollars,” Melvin explained.

“This is a new relationship for SevOne and really marks what is happening in the world of carriers, and that world is transitioning to a virtualized one,” he said.