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5 Oct

European Armed Forces Organization Consolidates Network Performance Monitoring with SevOne

Press Release

Wilmington, DE – October 5, 2011 – SevOne, the new leader in network performance management, today announced that it has been successfully deployed by a European armed forces organization where it was selected as the supplier of choice to consolidate the IT infrastructure performance monitoring capabilities.

Following an extensive evaluation of the performance management market, the organization identified SevOne as the only vendor capable of offering a single comprehensive view of the performance and capacity of its IT infrastructure in the SevOne solution, and with the highest levels of performance, scalability, and interoperability.

A senior engineer at the organization stated, “We are an extremely forward looking organization and one that prides itself on adopting the most efficient and innovative technologies available. We previously had two separate solutions in place to deliver simple network management protocol (SNMP) and NetFlow-based monitoring systems. However, once it became clear that our current approach was no longer best suited to our requirements, we responded quickly. The SevOne solution was able to consolidate both systems into one, and has helped to drive down our total cost of ownership, and significantly reduce our expenditure on hardware, licensing, and reporting.”

When introducing a performance monitoring solution, it is essential that it can be fully integrated with the existing infrastructure. Interoperability with existing monitoring systems was essential to the organization’s project, and will allow users to create the alerts and reports that they need to maintain current operations and plan for future capacity needs proactively.

“Moving from proof of concept to initial implementation in just three weeks with SevOne was a major coup,” the senior engineer concluded. ”We were able to fully integrate SevOne’s best of breed platform with our existing network infrastructure to achieve outstanding results, so much so that the decision was taken to broaden the remit of the initial proof of concept by increasing the number of routers and flows that we were collecting data from. Everyone wanted to see if the SevOne solution was capable of coping with increased polling and data collection – and it was. We are now exploring the consolidation of other performance and capacity tools on to the SevOne platform and we are looking to see how we can address previous blind spots.”

The success of this project provides further evidence of SevOne’s rapid progress in EMEA, following the opening of its regional office in London, UK in early 2010.

“This win is significant to SevOne as we continue to develop our presence in EMEA,” said Bill Conners, SVP of worldwide sales at SevOne. “When it became clear that two of our key competitors’ products were no longer performing to the required level, the fact we were able to quickly demonstrate our performance capabilities made SevOne a logical choice. Unlike many of the other products in the market today, SevOne is constantly improving the delivery of our solution. The SevOne network performance management solution represents the most powerful integration of SNMP and NetFlow reporting of any solution we see in the market.”

About SevOne
SevOne provides the world's fastest, most scalable performance monitoring platform to the world’s most connected companies. An all-in-one solution, SevOne detects and alerts on network and data center performance events before they impact your business. SevOne developed a next-generation technology called the SevOne Cluster™ that incorporates the cutting edge principles behind distributed computing to address any scalability concerns. SevOne monitors millions of objects across multiple technologies from a single pane of glass. Customers including the top cable companies, wireless network and managed service providers, and top financial services institutions rely on SevOne to monitor the performance of their critical infrastructure.