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29 Nov

New SevOne Appliance Built to Shoulder Exponential Big Data Network Growth

Press Release

IOs and Network Managers also Get Unprecedented Real Time Data Center Visibility through SevOne Mobile App

Wilmington, DE – November 29, 2012 – SevOne, the leader in IT performance management, today released a new appliance targeting large enterprises facing massive network growth, data center space optimization and big data challenges. Scaling 4x larger than any other network performance management tool on the market, the new SevOne appliance delivers exponentially greater scalability and capability. The company additionally announced immediate availability of a mobile application that allows CIOs and network administrators unprecedented real-time awareness of their network and its end points across one or many data centers.

“SevOne’s new appliance offers the greatest scalability on the market today, and only uses a single appliance,” stated Andreas Schlechter, Managing Director, Telonic. “The single install of a SevOne appliance saves on consumption of data storage space and energy, by reducing the hardware platform footprint and implementation time. And the mobile app provides an elegant way to proactively receive critical IT information any time, anywhere.”

“With SevOne’s unique Cluster Technology, organizations could already scale to accommodate an infinite number of elements,” said Mike Phelan, CEO, SevOne. “Now they can do the same with fewer physical or virtual appliances.”

Benefits include:

  • Industry-leading performance management density - supporting more than 4x the elements support as a single install than any other network management system
  • Dramatically reduces datacenter space requirements, energy consumption and management costs - a 70% decrease in physical footprint and power consumption
  • 3x improvement in typical report generation time versus equivalent monitoring using other SevOne models
  • Compatibility with existing SevOne appliances and clusters

Now available in the iPhone and Android App Stores, SevOne’s mobile application was designed to provide CIOs and network administrators with unprecedented real time visibility into global network health across one or many networks.

Mike Phelan, CEO, SevOne added, “Historically, IT performance management products require the administrator to sit in front of the computer and run reports all day. SevOne is giving administrators precious time back in their day, by notifying them only when anomalies and deviations from normal behavior occurs, and sending these alerts directly to their mobile devices.”

Benefits include:

  • Top-down visibility of your entire infrastructure, with the ability to instantly drill down into individual alerts
  • Full access to administrative alert functionality, including acknowledging, assigning, and ignoring alerts
  • Easy to install and use, with native SevOne authentication

About SevOne
SevOne provides the world's fastest, most scalable performance monitoring platform to the world’s most connected companies. An all-in-one solution, SevOne detects and alerts on network and data center performance events before they impact your business. SevOne developed a next-generation technology called the SevOne Cluster™ that incorporates the cutting edge principles behind distributed computing to address any scalability concerns. SevOne monitors millions of objects across multiple technologies from a single pane of glass. Customers including the top cable companies, wireless network and managed service providers, and top financial services institutions rely on SevOne to monitor the performance of their critical infrastructure.