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8 Aug

SevOne Appliance is the First IT Performance Management Product that Efficiently Scales to Proactively Monitor Massive Big Data Networks

Press Release

Customers Now Manage Millions of Network Objects and Run Trillions of Baseline Analytics in Real Time

Wilmington, DE - August, 8 2012 - SevOne, the leader in IT performance management, today announced a software update to its SevOne appliance. SevOne appliances deliver exponentially greater scalability than any other performance management took on the market today.

Legacy IT performance management technologies don’t scale efficiently and cost-effectively in today’s environments because those tools were never architected to support big data networks and massive number of endpoints, nor were they designed to support continuous, exponential network growth. Each SevOne appliance boasts 300 multi-threaded pollers vs. an industry standard 1 poller per software installation. When deployed with its peer-to-peer SevOne Cluster™ Technology configuration, made up of many SevOne appliances, millions of objects across all networking technologies can be monitored from a straightforward single web interface – for the first time, in real time. Monitored objects can include but are not limited to: network devices and interfaces, response-time measurements, cloud application monitoring virtual and physical server CPUs and disk drives, and much more.

Product benefits include:

  • Accuracy-at-Scale

    • 300 polling threads per appliance guarantees instant data collection and analysis, across big data networks, and eliminates visibility gaps
  • Speed-at-Scale
    • The peered Cluster Technology architecture, with automated and distributed computing power, allows network-wide reports to be generated in seconds rather hours, and problems solved just as fast
  • Complete and instant visibility through single, unified web interface
    • Including legacy networks, virtualized environments, cloud networks, voice/data/video networks and application flow data
    • Including both real time data and up to one year of historical raw data analytics
  • Return on Investment
    • The all in one appliance (collection, storage, and reporting) requires a small footprint, requires minimal daily management, and is easy to deploy and use – resulting in lower CAPEX/OPEX 

“Our many large enterprise clients face a daunting daily task of monitoring and managing a dramatically increasing number of network endpoints,” said Mike Phelan, CEO SevOne Inc. “The SevOne appliance simplifies this task. Our customers, for the first time, can easily manage millions of objects, run baseline analytics in the trillions, and see emerging network problems BEFORE they occur. This is a game changer for both our customers and the monitoring and management industry at large.”  

About SevOne
SevOne provides the world's fastest, most scalable performance monitoring platform to the world’s most connected companies. An all-in-one solution, SevOne detects and alerts on network and data center performance events before they impact your business. SevOne developed a next-generation technology called the SevOne Cluster™ that incorporates the cutting edge principles behind distributed computing to address any scalability concerns. SevOne monitors millions of objects across multiple technologies from a single pane of glass. Customers including the top cable companies, wireless network and managed service providers, and top financial services institutions rely on SevOne to monitor the performance of their critical infrastructure.