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SevOne reduces visibility gaps and provides true speed at scale,
allowing you to leverage the power of integrated metrics, flows and logs.

Complete Coverage
Complete Coverage
Smart Data Framework
Smart Data Framework
Real-Time Analytics
Real-Time Analytics
Operational Intelligence
Operational Intelligence
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SevOne Platform

Performance Appliance Solution (PAS)

SevOne PAS can monitor performance metrics and flow data, all while scaling to support billions of monitored objects.

Key Benefits

  • Pivot from any performance metric to related flow with a single click
  • View all data sources in a single dashboard or report, for easy correlation of metrics
  • Eliminate the time drain associated with “swivel chair monitoring”


Performance Log Appliance (PLA)

SevOne PLA, gives you visibility into your entire infrastructure through a single pane of glass. You can view metric, flow and log data on one dashboard.

Key Benefits

  • Decrease troubleshooting time and resolve issues fast
  • Receive user/customer usage alerts
  • Understand configuration changes to application performance


Dedicated NetFlow Collector (DNC)

SevOne DNC allows you to quickly spot bandwidth hogs, wasteful traffic and delivers critical insights into how applications are using your network.

Key Benefits

  • Broad NetFlow support
  • Scalable flow collection
  • Immediate access to historical data
  • Detect micro spikes


End User Experience (EUE)

SevOne actively monitors entire network paths, collecting in-depth end-user experience data across enterprise, cloud and communication service provider infrastructures.

Key Benefits

  • Monitor applications and networks continuously
  • Correlate application and network performance
  • Measure critical SaaS solutions performance


Streaming Data Bus

The SevOne Streaming Data Bus enables consistent insight across multiple tools and teams while supporting business decisions with real-time streams of network and infrastructure performance data.

Streaming Data Bus
  • Bridges SevOne Platform data bus to Kafka publisher protocol
  • Turns SevOne Platform deployments into Kafka producers
  • Supports up to 13,000 indicators per second


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Technology Matters - 
We Make Integration Easy.

Regardless of what technologies you use in your digital infrastructure, or what systems you use to accomplish business objectives, you need visibility, agility and simplicity of operation.

SevOne partnerships provide solutions for managing and assuring your digital infrastructure.

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One Platform for Everyone

Network & System Administrators

“One of the things we were able to do with SevOne is produce a fully meshed network. We have two SevOne appliances here in Marietta and two in our data center in Chicago. Each unit provides redundant back-up capability to the other so that in the event of a failure of hardware or circuitry within a location, we don’t lose visibility.”

Jay Scott
Performance Engineer

Network & System Administrators

With end-to-end visibility and combined metric, flow and log data, SevOne's platform allow teams to act proactively in addressing service-impacting issues.

IT Management & DevOps

“With enhanced performance monitoring capabilities, we no longer need this excess inventory. Our network is at 5 9s (99.999 percent) availability. We eliminated the need for $1.2 million in hardware test sets alone, not to mention another $320,000 in related tech time and labor costs over the years.”

Zlatko Zahirovic
Manager Wireless Network Connectivity
Bell Mobility

IT Management & DevOps

From automation to speed at scale, SevOne's platform give your business the agility, stability and reliability to advance in the future.

CIOs, CTOs and Executives

“Previously, a lot of time was spent trying to figure out what went wrong. Opportunity was lost because our energy was used discovering underlying causes, Now, we have a lot more insight.”

Tom Shurer
Vice President, Information Resources
Devereux Foundation

CIOs, CTOs and Executives

With real-time, meaningful dashboards of network and IT performance, SevOne allows your organization to prove Key Performance Indicators related to delivering a quality end-user and customer experience.

Unparalleled Infrastructure Management


Corporate Communications
Jill St. George

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The Jaxson Group
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Get Started with SevOne

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