SevOne User Experience

SevOne User Experience, a resell of AppNeta Performance Manager, tests entire network paths by using synthetic traffic across enterprise, cloud, and communication service provider infrastructures. Measure application and service performance while directly correlating it to the network and digital infrastructure responsible for delivery.

Test any path. Any network. All the time.

Test Entire Network Paths

With SevOne User Experience you can measure any path, across any network. Monitor Wi-Fi access points to local or remote servers over the mobile infrastructure, over VPN to remote offices, over the Internet to Web applications and into Cloud services, and more.

Quickly Fix Problems


Reduce time to resolution

Troubleshooting application response issues often require network, system and infrastructure teams to work together. With SevOne User Experience, multiple teams can actively test, troubleshoot and pinpoint issues across the entire path applications take, including user, network, server, databases and more. As a result, you can gain valuable insight, and drive cross-team collaboration that can reduce mean time to resolution opposed to time to innocence.

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Insights into critical SaaS applications

Measure performance, functionality and availability directly from the end user’s perspective, using a real web browser. Get started in minutes for applications like Salesforce, Office 365, Google Apps and more. Monitor apps from the end user, through the network, to the app provider.

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Leverage critical business insights

With application-based SLAs, SevOne User Experience automatically knows when network performance blips are just blips, and when they’re affecting your end users. A continuous stream of performance insight is compared against your application-specific SLAs, so you know exactly when and how network performance impacts application performance.

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Multi-Cloud Ready

Gain visibility across on premises, hybrid, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS cloud infrastructures.

Send and receive timely network traffic data and get insight into any network - even cloud providers - so you can assess performance in real-time.

Always-on monitoring with one-minute latency, data loss and jitter, stored for up to a year, while providing insight into actual versus provisioned capacity.

Create custom workflows and string together up to 20 commands, execute them back-to-back, measure results, and get performance alerts.

Deploy anywhere users are, inside or outside the firewall. The best place to measure end user experience is from your end users’ locations.

Ready for Operational Insights?

SevOne NMS Cluster - Metrics

Gain insights into infrastructure performance, resource capacity, growth, and use to better understand how your infrastructure performs.

SevOne NMS Cluster – Logs

Automatically correlate real-time network and IT performance metrics with log events from a single dashboard.

SevOne NMS Cluster - Flows

Insights into application traffic behavior to quickly spot bandwidth use and detect anomalous behaviors.

Stop waiting minutes, even hours to get the data & insights you need now

  • The SevOne NMS Cluster consolidates disparate tools into a single dashboard that monitors your infrastructure's performance monitoring.
  • Automatically index each data point and get real-time performance alerts.
  • SevOne User Experience can monitor any network without impacting production applications.
  • Connect multiple data points and uncover hidden issues and new insights to stay ahead.
  • Fine, granular high speed collection that reveals small bursty spikes so you can have confidence in the data collected.
  • Our open API ensures easy integration into your existing operational and business support systems.

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