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The SevOne Performance Appliance Solution (PAS) provides deep collection of infrastructure metrics while integrating them with flow, log and end user experience data into a single, easy-to-use dashboard.

Complete Visibility of Your Digital Infrastructure Data

SevOne PAS


Collect infrastructure metrics from any source, SD-WAN, SDDC, Hybrid Cloud, 4G LTE, and more - no matter the size or scale

SevOne PAS manages 1,000s of different device types to collect every performance metric available from your infrastructure. If we don't currently support your SNMP data source, let us know, and we will work with you to support it in less than ten business days.

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Access a continuous stream of operational insights in real-time

SevOne PAS allows you to build intelligent dashboards for operations, planning and troubleshooting workflows. It automatically baselines and trends every performance metric collected to show you what is normal and what is not. And when you need it most, SevOne PAS will alert you (or multiple teams) about incoming issues. With data down to 1 second polling, and a year's worth of raw data, you'll be able to expose hidden issues, plan for future capacity, and quickly gain insights into your entire infrastructure, no matter the size.

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Troubleshoot resource constraints and capacity issues

Thanks to its built-in analytics, SevOne PAS can help you predict service-impacting events without the noise of false-positives. Our open API makes it easy to integrate into existing element management, trouble ticketing and other operational support systems. With its unique Metric-to-Flow and Metric-to-Log workflows, the SevOne Platform gives teams the ability to quickly pinpoint issues in less time and without leaving your dashboard.

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Meet user demands and scale your network with confidence.

SevOne PAS is supported by our patented SevOne Cluster™ architecture, allowing each appliance to provide linear scalability in collecting, monitoring, and reporting. SevOne PAS scales to fit the most demanding infrastructures, growing alongside your network service demands. The world's largest companies use SevOne to monitor billions of data points per day.

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Insights at Your Fingertips

Data collection is complicated. Getting insights from data shouldn't be.

SevOne PAS

Collect, normalize, and analyze your infrastructure performance data no matter the source.

Optimize your operational workflows, by combining metrics, flows, logs and end user experience in a single pane of glass.

Automatically baseline “normal” and be alerted any time performance deviates from the norm.

Automatically collect contextual data such as geo coordinates or user contact info to quickly pinpoint issues and reduce MTTR.

Introducing SevOne 5.6

Faster Data. Deeper Insights.


The new enhancements include support for Cisco ACI, VMware vCenter, Viptela SD-WAN, Cisco Intelligent WAN, Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, and Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud.

Enabling Operational Insights

SevOne PAS


"SevOne has been a blessing. We can now get weeks worth of data in seconds."

Emil Buitrago, Advanced Network Operator - Cablevision

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SevOne PAS

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Get Insights Now

  • Replace disparate tools with integrated metrics, flows, logs and end user experience.
  • Single dashboard to visualize digital infrastructure performance.
  • Real-time performance alerts for abnormal data trends.
  • Monitor 1,000,000,000s of data points a day.
  • Uncover hidden issues and new insights to stay ahead.
  • Reveal micro spikes with 1 second data collection and analysis.
  • Open APIs simplify integration into your existing operational and business support systems.

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