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Move beyond traditional log search, into real-time troubleshooting of log data at scale. The SevOne Performance Log Appliance (PLA) analyzes terabytes of log data daily in real-time. And when integrated with the SevOne Platform, logs and performance events are correlated, thereby eliminating the need for search in your process.

Real-Time Troubleshooting of Log Data

SevOne PLA

Correlate any log with your performance data

Increase performance visibility with real-time analysis of log files including Syslog, CSV, DNS, SSL, Access, statsD, UNIX error, Snare, Cron, and more. If your log type is not supported out of the box, let us know and we will support it within 10 business days.

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Real-time first-occurrence alerts

Enable threshold-based, first-occurrence alerts based on real-time log analysis for proactive alerts of customer and end-user behavioral trends.

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Real-time analysis of terabytes of data

Leverage SevOne Cluster™ architecture for distributed real-time analytics across your entire infrastructure - all within a single dashboard.

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Support new log types within minutes

Use the free SevOne Application Key Builder available at SevOne Connect to add support for new logs in 3 easy steps. Or let us know, and we'll do it for you within 10 business days.

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Real-Time Log Analytics

Seconds count when troubleshooting. Get operational insights in real-time.

SevOne PLA


Automatically correlate performance metrics with log data, with single-click “metric-to-log” when integrated with the SevOne Platform.

Improve visibility of the root cause of performance degradation.

Set proactive alerts on specific log content from across your infrastructure so you can be alerted to customer and end-user behavior trends.

Get insights and understand how configuration changes impact network performance.

Introducing SevOne 5.6

Faster Data. Deeper Insights.


The new enhancements include support for Cisco ACI, VMware vCenter, Viptela SD-WAN, Cisco Intelligent WAN, Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, and Amazon Web Services Virtual Private Cloud.

Next Generation Log Analysis
Delivers Real Value

SevOne PLA

"SevOne is advancing the field of log analytics by moving beyond
traditional log search."

Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst, Network Management - Enterprise Management Associates

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Ready for More Visibility?

SevOne PLA

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Real-time troubleshooting at your fingertips

  • Replace disparate tools with integrated metrics, flows, logs and end user experience.
  • Single dashboard to visualize digital infrastructure performance.
  • Real-time performance alerts for abnormal data trends.
  • Automatically correlate performance metrics with log data, with single-click “metric-to-log” when integrated with the SevOne Platform.
  • Uncover hidden issues and new insights to stay ahead.
  • Reveal micro spikes with 1 second data collection and analysis.
  • Open APIs simplify integration into your existing operational and business support systems.

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