SevOne Data Appliance

Comprehensive Collection and Accurate Analysis of Network and Infrastructure Data

Data Appliance NMS

  • Collect, baseline and trend multi-vendor network performance metrics.
  • Deploy on-premise or in the cloud with scalability proven in deployments within some of the world’s largest networks.
  • Features that meet the specific needs of enterprises, CSPs and MSPs.
  • Support your network today - 10k+ different device types presently supported.
  • Add new SNMP device support within 10 business days.
  • Support your network tomorrow - SDN, SD-WAN, 5G and more.
  • Easily integrate with SevOne Data Insight for advanced visualizations.

Data Appliance DNC

  • Gain deep network visibility without external data probes.
  • Collect, normalize and analyze application traffic data regardless of the flow format.
  • Easily spot rogue applications, bandwidth hogs and congestion.
  • Quickly understand how applications are behaving on your infrastructure.
  • Easily integrate with SevOne Data Insight for advanced visualizations and customized workflows.

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