SevOne Data Bus

Continuous Streams of SevOne Data


  • Powers the streaming of real-time data from the SevOne Network Data Platform.
  • Enables SevOne Network Data Platform to be a Kafka producer.
  • Transition to streaming data while still supporting existing batch mode data access.
  • Leverage simultaneous use of batch mode and streaming data.
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  • Integrate SevOne data as part of your trusted business intelligence ecosystem.
  • Integrate with your 3rd party applications that subscribe to a Kafka or Pulsar bus.
  • Consistently deliver SevOne data streams to business partners.
  • Enable multiple teams to share the same SevOne data.


  • Automate the use of SevOne data throughout your business decision tools.
  • Integrate with data lakes and business intelligence systems.
  • Stream data to SDN/NFV controllers/orchestrators and more.
  • Automatically stream new data sources coming from the SevOne Network Data Platform.

Stream Insights with SevOne Data Bus

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