Modern Visualization & Analytics with SevOne NPM

Easily find, use and share network performance insights

Simple, Reusable & Scalable Reporting

  • Experience immediate value from out of the box, day one reporting, with a series of auto-populating and fully editable reports of customer metric and flow data for common network performance reporting needs.These reports include: Alert dashboards, TopN views, summary reports coupled with device, object and indicator templates, and more.
  • Easily edit any of the out-of-the-box reports, or create new reports from scratch - in both dark and light mode—then reuse them for different regions/ offices, saving hours of report building.
  • Reuse and share any report to enable consistent insights across multi-site operations teams.
  • Reports data in seconds – easily scales to support the largest SevOne NPM clusters, with thousands of users.
  • Easily create a single-source reporting map for physical and logical infrastructure with LiveMaps and leverage network topology for every device, and device group, with built-in dimensions offering greater visibility into metrics and alerting.
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Simple & Reusable Troubleshooting Workflows

  • Quickly pivot and easily visualize related metric, flow and alert data through enhanced chaining, coupled with new interactivity between chained widgets in the same report - and then share these reports across their teams.
  • Increase operational consistency with the simplified creation of troubleshooting workflows by linking multiple reports together - and then sharing these workflows across their teams.
  • Easily move from “awareness to analysis.”
  • With the addition of Explorer Tabs for both metrics and alerts, LiveMaps takes a process that can require an hour or more of effort and reduces it to seconds. IT professionals can save time with this easy-to-use out-of-the-box functionality linked to their existing workflow to drill into problems.

Simple Unification of SevOne NPM & 3rd Party Data

  • Leverage SevOne NPM APIs to visualize 3rd party data sources alongside SevOne NPM data in the same dashboard.
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SevOne NPM Widgets

Alert Details
Alert Summary
Group Metrics
Performance Metrics

Insights at Your Fingertips

Data collection is complicated. Getting insights from data shouldn't be.

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