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Monitoring Business-Critical Applications

Key Feature / Use Case

A global pharmaceutical company was unable to proactively monitor the performance of their Business-Critical Applications, including an application that picked prescription drugs from its warehouse shelves. Any time the application or the underlying infrastructure failed,...

Juniper Alliance Overview

Industry Partner

Thanks to strong alliances with key players in the industry, SevOne helps you get the most out of your infrastructure monitoring solution. Our long-standing relationship with Juniper Networks, for example, helps you leverage Juniper JUNOS...

How The Healthcare Industry Uses SevOne

Key Feature / Use Case

Every day, technological advances in healthcare add new devices and applications with a far-reaching diversity of connectivity and function, which pose significant challenges to the management of healthcare networks. IT failures or disruptions of service...

How The Financial Services Industry Uses SevOne

Key Feature / Use Case

Perhaps no other industry suffers the impact of network, application, and system performance issues as drastically as the financial services industry. Trades cannot be executed. Customer accounts are rendered inaccessible. Visibility of the market is...

How Does SevOne Compare To Your Current Vendor?


Feature Capability Benefit 10 Day Device Certifications SevOne certifies all new devices for SNMP monitoring in 10 days or less. When you need a new device certified for monitoring SevOne provides this SNMP cert at...

Hot Standby Appliance


Protect historical performance data in the event of hardware or site failure Maintain monitoring and alerting functions with a hot failover solution Preserve polling data during an upgrade processes Removes single point of failure with...

Educational Institutions Using the SevOne Data Platform

Key Feature / Use Case

Easy to deploy, SevOne Data Platform speeds up the troubleshooting of slowdowns through real-time reports, giving you the information you need to fine-tune your network and to deliver maximum performance for applications. With SevOne Data...

The Benefits of Network Performance Monitoring and Management

Key Feature / Use Case

Successful organizations recognize that IT innovation reduces operating expenses, maximizes employee productivity, and generates new sources of revenue. At the same time, IT is challenged with ensuring the health of expanding infrastructures and proper capacity...

Top 10 Global Media Company Supports Growth Strategies with SevOne

Customer Story

Company Europe’s largest entertainment and communications company provides television, broadband internet and other services to more than 21 million households. Situation/Challenges It’s unfortunate when a network monitoring system goes from being a strategic asset to...

SevOne Customer Testimonials

Customer Story

“Wow, so easy to add devices, get some instant charts, and then configure reports on groups of devices. So much quicker and easier than our other monitoring technology. No longer a specialists’ task.” – Martin...

KKBOX Keeps the Music Playing with SevOne

Customer Story

Customer The top streaming music provider in Asia Size: Over 10M subscribers Headquarters: Taipei, Taiwan Goal Ensure service quality and reliability by strengthening its network monitoring and management capabilities. Challenge Legacy monitoring tools were siloed...

Devereux Shifts to Proactive Infrastructure Monitoring

Customer Story

The Behavioral Healthcare Provider Improved Its Workflow By Monitoring Its Electronic Health Record System. “We compared SevOne against other leading products. we clearly felt SevOne offered the best insight at the best cost.” – Tom...

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