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Comcast Targets System-Wide Visibility with SevOne

Customer Story

US-based MSO Comcast Cable offers a variety of business-class services based on Carrier and Metro Ethernet. These include EPL and EVPL services, Ethernet Network Services (ENS) and Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI), as well as cellular...

Alerting and ITSM Integration

Key Feature / Use Case

IT operations need proactive notifications in real-time, in both their performance management and IT Service Management platforms, in order to address user impacting issues as they happen. When services go down, are degraded, or begin...

SevOne Streaming Data Collectors


The model for producing and collecting network performance data hasn’t changed much since the late 1980s when SNMP instrumented network devices were first available on the market. Network equipment providers instrumented their devices, enabling external...

Get All the Data


To provide immediate visibility into how your network and infrastructure are performing, the SevOne Data Platform collects performance metrics from more than a dozen, industry-standard protocols — an out-of-the-box collection capability that is more complete...

Comcast Gains Performance Visibility with SevOne

Customer Story

Can now poll all performance data in real-time Enhanced device visibility Expedited data retrieval without impacting other users through distributed architecture Comcast is principally involved in the development, management and operation of broadband cable networks...

Capacity & Service Planning

Key Feature / Use Case

To meet the needs of today’s business environment, you need to ensure your IT infrastructure is operating at its peak efficiency during both the slowest and the busiest of times. Downtime can mean loss of...

Amadeus Consolidates Monitoring With SevOne

Customer Story

Amadeus is a leading provider of IT solutions to the global tourism and travel industry, with around 40% global market share of air travel agency bookings, servicing 690 airlines, 22 insurance companies, more than 50...

Network Monitoring

Key Feature / Use Case

Networking Performance Monitoring Networks are the foundation upon which organizations of all kinds pursue their goals and conduct their operations. It may be an overused term, but ‘mission critical’ is an accurate description of how...

Complete Virtual Infrastructure Performance Visibility


“The ability to monitor and troubleshoot the performance of virtual servers and applications together with the network infrastructure is key to the mainstream acceptance of virtualization and multi-tenant cloud services. SevOne enables service providers and...

Alere Medical Gains Holistic View of its Infrastructure with SevOne

Customer Story

Needed a way to forward-project capacity management capabilities that reported into its existing management interface New acquisitions required bringing together disparate entities Existing network monitoring system lacked fundamental capabilities necessary for implementing the system Now...

Top 10 Ways Infrastructure Monitoring Improves Your Business


Network and Infrastructure Monitoring solutions can improve your business’ bottom line, your customers’ response, and your future growth in numerous ways. Among the top ten are: savings in bandwidth usage, refined asset usage, increased uptime,...

Monitoring the SIM-OTA Service for the Launch of an iPhone

Key Feature / Use Case

A tier 1 cellular provider needed to monitor the successful activation of the iPhone. To ensure the launch was successful, this provider identified the key devices that executed SIM card activations and partnered with SevOne...

10 Metrics to Monitor in the LTE Network


The deployment of LTE increases dependency on the underlying network, which must be closely monitored in order to avert service-impacting events. In addition, the rise of vendor-specific performance management platforms establishes barriers to end-to-end network...

Airline’s SDN Transition has Smooth Takeoff with Sevone

Customer Story

Customer Major airline Size: 23,000 employees HQ location: Hong Kong Goal Revamp network to increase operational efficiency and business agility. Challenge Transition smoothly from legacy network to new, SDN-based environment. The Organization This SevOne customer...

Monitoring the Ratio of Upload Traffic to Download Traffic

Key Feature / Use Case

How can you measure the ratio between uploads and downloads to identify improper router configurations and possible errors in load balancing? SevOne Solution The  SevOne Data Platform collects key performance indicators (KPIs) from the core...

Accedian Networks and SevOne

Industry Partner

Gain sub-second views of network performance Improve test accuracy compared to router-based tests Detect a microburst that traditional tests would not capture Leverage Ethernet Backhaul without sacrificing performance visibility Improve capacity planning projections SevOne, the...

Device Certification


SevOne certifies new SNMP devices in 10 business days or less, while competitors often take months to programmatically certify a new device. The ability to quickly discover and certify new devices ensures that there is...

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