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What is SDN Network Management?

BlogKey Feature / Use Casesdnsoftware-defined network

The COVID-19 pandemic has touched most aspects of personal and business life. The corporate world has seen changes in markets, customer behavior, and the economy. We’ve seen institutions and facilities closing for indefinite time periods....

Integration with Alcatel-Lucent Service Aware Manager 5620

Key Feature / Use Case

As carriers evolve their networks to support network function virtualization (NFV), it is critical they are able to monitor their networks whether they are on dedicated, high performance networks, virtualized cloud-based architectures, or a combination...

Monitoring a Cisco ACI-Based Infrastructure

Key Feature / Use Case

Dave Hegenbarth introduces the Cisco partnership alliance and discusses the benefits around monitoring application-centric infrastructure with SevOne.

The Legacy Tool Problem

Key Feature / Use Case

Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst, Network Management practice for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) details why legacy monitoring tools can’t manage today’s complex digital infrastructures.

Trap Handling

Key Feature / Use Case

Traps remain an important component of any network performance monitoring strategy. As a passive monitoring technique, they alert you of potential hiccups between polling cycles. The SevOne Data Platform​ receives, displays, logs, reports, and alerts...

Synthetic Indicators

Key Feature / Use Case

Synthetic indicators perform simple math on multiple metrics collected from a single monitored device. For example, when polling interfaces, you may view in bytes and out bytes, but polling total bytes is not an option....

SLA Reporting

Key Feature / Use Case

Today, the primary directive of any service-provider organization – as well as many enterprises – is to deliver optimal service-levels to their customers, and then provide proof that they are meeting or exceeding those service...

SevOne NPM Cluster Architecture

Key Feature / Use Case

IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM)  uses a patented, next-generation architecture built on the concepts of distributed computing. This architecture, known as the SevOne NPM Cluster, monitors millions of objects from a single pane of...

Server Monitoring

Key Feature / Use Case

In today’s environment, a critical business application may be comprised of multiple parts running on multiple servers – all connected by your network. Web servers provide the customer interface; application servers deliver the functionality; and...

Rapid Device Certification

Key Feature / Use Case

SNMP polling brings speed and flexibility to the collection of IT data. SevOne uses a series of templates for individual device types to define what is to be polled and how the information is to...

NetFlow Analysis for Improved Troubleshooting

Key Feature / Use Case

When monitoring the performance of applications and networks, the more insight you have into the actual traffic, the better. NetFlow provides this insight. Without the need of probes or sniffers, you can quickly and continuously...

Multi-Tenancy Support

Key Feature / Use Case

As a service provider or IT organization, you are responsible for delivering information about the performance of the infrastructure and services you are providing. Delivering this “proof of quality” to your end-users is second only...

IPv6 Support

Key Feature / Use Case

Because the world has run out of IPv4 addresses, the transition to IPv6 is fast approaching. The global cutover is accelerating, driven initially by government mandates and now increasingly by the explosion in mobile devices,...

High-Frequency Polling

Key Feature / Use Case

Effective performance management relies on having access to the right information on a timely basis.  The more data points on a performance indicator you collect, the more complete – and, hence, the more accurate –...

F5® Load Balancer Monitoring and Support

Key Feature / Use Case

The Challenge Today’s market is transitioning to an environment that offers network function virtualization in which services such as application load balancing and firewalling are delivered via software running on virtual machines. This makes the...

F5® BIG-IP® Monitoring Integration Guide

Key Feature / Use Case

Overview IBM SevOne Network Performance Management (NPM) provides one of the most powerful integrations of performance metrics and flow data in the market today. When troubleshooting an alert such as a spike in utilization derived...