5 Questions You Need Answered to Assure IoT Service Delivery

5 Questions You Need Answered to Assure IoT Service Delivery

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a promising opportunity for enterprises and service providers to address cost, risk mitigation, reaction time to immediate market demands and forecasting future needs.

Collecting and analyzing IoT data – in context – can provide insight that aids in both top-and bottom-line decision making. It can also help predict and re-shape your business. With visibility from the sensor to the application, teams and leaders can start asking better questions of the business.

But assuring IoT service delivery and harvesting its contextual data requires a shift in mindset. How you monitor infrastructure now is not how you will monitor IoT infrastructure in the future. And, as Christian Renaud from 451 Research points out, IT teams may not be prepared to assure IoT service delivery [watch video].

Christian Renaud – Research Director, IoT at 451 Research – ponders whether IT is ready for the IoT. “It's operational technology. It's streetlights. It's, like I said, oil rigs or C&C equipment or HVAC systems. There might be a lighting system in a building or a HVAC system in a building, but really making all of those talk and work in unison is not something that as an IT organization we've ever been asked to do before.” 

Just imagine the kinds of questions you can answer with this myriad of granular, trended and contextualized IoT data at your fingertips. But the first step is assuring the delivery of the IoT service.