A SevOne Story – The Perils and Perks of Network Monitoring on Black Friday

A SevOne Story- The Perils and Perks of Network Monitoring on Black Friday

Many of SevOne's operator customers are forced to make changes to their networks around the holiday shopping season. Adding new hardware or software can help increase operational efficiency when network demand spikes, ensure a positive customer experience even during peak traffic times, and boost revenue-generating activities related to holiday shopping.

Unfortunately, however, performance monitoring strategies often lag behind necessary network upgrades. As a result, operators risk losing performance visibility and the ability to track network activity when changes occur.

Case in point: Wireless carriers sell a large number of mobile devices during the holidays. Their main revenue doesn't come from device sales, however, but from getting customers signed up for monthly phone and data service.

Because of that fact, one of our customers implemented a new over-the-air provisioning system in advance of Black Friday in 2012. The system was designed to accelerate service sign-ups, but it didn't include any way to monitor results. The customer wanted to track how many new subscribers registered for service, how many customers were rejected, and other metrics essential to the bottom line. In addition, the customer knew it had to protect against any potential performance degradation during heavy activation times.

SevOne stepped in.

Within one week, we added performance monitoring capabilities to the customer's OTA provisioning system, and had a solution in place to track registrations on one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

This was not as simple as monitoring SNMP devices. SevOne had to quickly develop an to poll the customer's element management system and create a SIM-OTA service-specific dashboard. The technology allowed the operator to monitor real-time performance levels, and even to receive proactive alerts whenever performance metrics strayed outside the norm.

As a result of SevOne's solution, the customer was not only able to streamline service registrations for holiday shoppers, but also understand how, when, and where the new provisioning system improved business results.

Bottom line: As an operator, you have to deploy new network technology regularly in order to meet evolving business and customer requirements. However, you also can't risk a potential visibility gap as network upgrades are implemented.

Whether it's time for the holiday shopping season, the launch of a new device, or any other network event, performance monitoring should always be a part of the strategic equation.

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