Agility vs. Complexity – The Fine Line between Network Planning and Execution

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If you work for a large corporation, you’ve probably sat through long, repetitive meetings that seem to never accomplish much of anything. At best, you may agree on having another meeting, to include yet another set of stakeholders in your discussion. This is a common problem in large, monolithic organizations - too many systems and processes are so intertwined that changing just one part will require months of planning and repeated discussion for everyone to agree.

This is your best-case scenario, things get even more complex if you can’t achieve agreement, or if some of those involved in the discussions follow their own agenda, rather than trying to collaborate for the common good.

On the contrary, if you work or have worked in small environments, the first step for any project is to usually dive head first into it, without giving too much thought to planning. Most of you reading this probably know this feeling when tackling a home improvement project. You come up with a “kind-of” plan, buy the materials, and get started. A few hours into your project, you may realize that you are missing some vital tools, so you try to improvise and make due with the tools you have. This works sometimes, but chances are, using a hammer and chisel will not replace a saw, neither will duct tape replace spackle, I think you get the idea here.

At this point you are probably thinking, what does all of this have to do with SevOne? The truth is, if you don’t give some thought to planning for performance monitoring, you will probably end up like the home improvement scenario, you get things started, but later realize that you are missing something and will try to make due with what you have. On the other hand, if you overthink and overplan network monitoring, you will never reach agreement and end up in a stalemate.

The secret to overcoming both of those extremes is to do just enough planning to ensure you will have all the tools available you may need in the future, while not trying to buy tools for every eventuality up front. Environments change, technology changes (case in point, you may find pipes in a wall you are hoping to open up, so you’ll need tools to move the pipes), it’s not possible to plan for everything today yourself.

SevOne can be thought of as the Swiss Army Knife of Performance Monitoring, with the added benefit that as new technologies become available, your knife adopts and provides the right “bits” at the right time.