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The SevOne team had a great showing last week at Cisco Live! Conference & Expo in San Diego. We were able to spend some quality time with our friends from Cisco (a key SevOne partner) and catch up with many long-time customers. We also met with some really interesting prospective customers and new partners. All in all, it was a very good event.

During the trip back, I had a chance to reflect on the key themes put forth in Cisco’s keynote addresses and in some of the other speakers’ presentations.  Here’s what I took away from these talks, and what I think it means for the industry, and for SevOne and its customers.

Complexity Driving the Need for Automation

A clear thread that ran through the keynotes was the growing complexity of our networking environments, and the ever-growing volume and velocity of data they’re producing. This skyrocketing complexity and explosion of data are driving not just a need for more automation, but for automation that simplifies.

To complete any compute- or network-dependent task today nearly always involves a multi-vendor, multi-domain line up of resources. Sure, someone at your headquarters location might access an application using a traditional MPLS WAN link to connect to the local (physical) data center. But increasingly, these interactions are more likely to be initiated by employees in branch offices using multi-vendor SD-WAN links to connect to cloud data centers, or customers or partners using enterprise Wi-Fi to accessing network services or applications via multi-cloud environments. Things are often a lot more complicated these days.

Regardless of which technologies and vendors’ products are in the mix, IT and NetOps teams want to deliver consistent, high-quality user experiences across the board. With so many different systems and so much data to deal with, however, the only way to consistently deliver those sought-after, good (or great) user experiences is with automated and policy-driven networking.

In other words, common and unified policies need to straddle all this complexity, helping to make networking and IT provisioning more powerful and flexible, yet simpler and more manageable. And that’s no small feat in the networking world of today.

Same Needs with Performance Management

The very same market drivers that are prompting change in the broader area of networking are also impacting the network performance management segment.  As our networks, access methods, data centers and more grow increasingly complex, IT and NetOps teams need more cohesive and automated – yet simpler – ways to watch over it all.

Delivering the right network service and applications at the right times and in the right ways, managing performance in these multi-vendor, multi-technology, multi-cloud, multi-everything environments is paramount. So, too, is finding, diagnosing and fixing performance problems, and doing it quickly. Yet the complexity of our environments and the raging rivers of data they create, have made that a very difficult task. What’s needed is automation that improves and simplifies this process.

SevOne Delivers with Data Insight

Maybe it’s because we’re smart or lucky, or maybe it’s because we spend so much time working with the Cisco folks. Whatever the reason, we saw the growing need for comprehensive, unified and automated network performance management capabilities a while ago. So, SevOne’s Engineering and Product Management teams have been steadily developing and building products that meet these needs and align with this vision.

A prime example of the results we’re chalking up with these efforts is SevOne Data Insight, a module that’s available with SevOne Data Platform, our industry-leading network and digital infrastructure monitoring product.

With SevOne Data Insight, disparate physical and virtual resources are automatically combined in unified views of a customer’s network environment.  SevOne Data Insight automates and simplifies the process, eliminating the time-consuming and error-prone processes of stitching together and normalizing reports from different performance management tools covering different parts of a network. It’s one, all-encompassing view, automatically created and delivered.

And it’s more than just a clear, unified picture.  With SevOne Data Insight (working in concert with SevOne Data Platform), network operations instantly become more manageable. Data Insight makes it easy for IT and NetOps teams to create customized reports, and flexible, shareable workflows that simplify and automate much of the process of getting critical operational insights to the people who need them at just the right times.

It’s automation that brings powerful capabilities to operations management while also simplifying it. That’s why I was smiling during most of the Cisco Live keynotes. At SevOne, we’ve been doing just this for several years now with products like SevOne Data Insight, and we’ve got more cool automation in the queue. It’s fun when the strategies you’ve been pursuing align so well with the market’s direction and customers’ needs. Keep an eye out for what’s next from SevOne!

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