Bringing Your Enterprise Wi-Fi Monitoring Up to Par

wi-fi monitoring

Thanks to advancements in wireless infrastructure and wi-fi monitoring, you likely can't remember the the last time you plugged an Ethernet cable into your laptop. How many of you just checked your laptop to see if it even had an ethernet port?

Not too long ago, if your initial experience was anything like mine, if I had a meeting on the other side of the building and I wanted to use Wi-Fi, I planned to arrive 15 minutes early. Why? Because back then, moving between wireless access points within a building, or especially if you went to another building on your campus, meant that the Wi-Fi network might not always work. It seemed at least half of the time I’d have to reboot my machine. Wi-Fi services were provided by IT on a “best effort” basis, meaning you’d better carry that extra-long ethernet cable with you if you wanted guaranteed service.

The world has definitely changed.

Wi-Fi Monitoring in a Mobile-First World

In today’s mobile-first business environment, users depend on quality Wi-Fi services. That’s especially true when they’re on an enterprise campus. Employees, customers, partners, and others expect Wi-Fi that’s accessible, reliable, and that always delivers high performance. That’s the expectation and anything less is unacceptable.

Meeting these expectations can be difficult for IT and NetOps teams, however. One reason is the enormous number of Wi-Fi-enabled, connected devices that people use today – and their growing dependence on them. Another reason is evolving technology. ‘Wi-Fi 6’ is bringing more bandwidth, higher speeds, and more complexity. For teams trying to manage their Wi-Fi infrastructures using legacy monitoring tools, it’s an uphill battle.

Wi-Fi has become a much more critical element of enterprise networking. Simply put, high-quality Wi-Fi isn’t a ‘nice to have’ anymore; it’s a ‘must have’. To meet these expectations, enterprises and MSPs need two things: modern Wi-Fi infrastructures and monitoring systems that can keep up.

Wi-Fi Monitoring That Can Keep Up

SevOne solidly delivers on the second of these two requirements with its SevOne Enterprise Wi-Fi Monitoring Solution. The SevOne Enterprise Wi-Fi Monitoring Solution makes it easy for IT, NetOps and engineering teams to ensure that their Wi-Fi infrastructures “just work”, reliably, transparently, and seamlessly with the rest of their network environments. This solution helps networking teams tackle Wi-Fi performance issues quickly and effectively so they can meet and exceed users’ expectations today and into the future.

The SevOne Enterprise Wi-Fi Monitoring Solution is a modern system that’s designed to be paired up with the latest Wi-Fi offerings from vendors such as Cisco and Aruba. The solution provides Wi-Fi monitoring and management capabilities that complement and extend the capabilities found in the built-in, vendor-provided, Wi-Fi management tools. It’s an integrated offering that provides teams with real-time and historical visibility into their entire Wi-Fi infrastructures, end-to-end.

Coverage starts with wireless devices, continues into the wireless infrastructure, encompasses enterprise campuses, and extends seamlessly into data centers and cloud-based services and applications. And now, with over 20 out-of-the-box reports, multiple teams across an enterprise from network operations, network engineering and Wi-Fi specific users can access sets of curated workflows to speed up the time to resolution for any Wi-Fi related issues. Unmatched speed, flexibility, and scalability, along with complete and unified visibility into modern Wi-Fi deployments are among the capabilities that make the SevOne Enterprise Wi-Fi Monitoring Solution a cut above.

Prepare for Wi-Fi Infrastructure Upgrades

If yours is a sizable enterprise or MSP, it’s likely that you already have or soon will be upgrading your Wi-Fi capabilities. Don’t overlook the fact that with your new Wi-Fi infrastructure comes new monitoring and management challenges. You wouldn’t buy a new car without knowing what to do when the ‘check engine’ light comes on. Don’t upgrade your Wi-Fi without the visibility and manageability that comes with modern Wi-Fi monitoring.

And one last thing. Do you know anyone who needs some nice Ethernet cables?  I have some extras.