BT Chooses SevOne for Next-Gen Monitoring of Its Managed Network Services Offerings

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When you’re in the business of providing managed network services to major corporations and other large organizations, you need to know exactly what’s happening on your customers’ networks.  In fact, your success hinges on it.

But getting that information has never been easy. And it’s now more challenging than ever as more enterprises pursue digital transformation strategies by leveraging virtualized network services and migrating key applications to the cloud. The highly dynamic nature of these next-gen environments makes it complex and difficult to track the ‘what, where, and why’ of network activity, especially in real time.

To meet this challenge, BT, a leading global provider of managed network services, has turned to SevOne.  BT has selected the SevOne Data Platform for next-generation performance management to round out its comprehensive global managed service. By adding advanced monitoring that is on par with their next-gen infrastructures, BT is helping its customers to actually realize greater operational agility from their digital networking strategies and gain the benefits that come with that shift more quickly.

The SevOne Data Platform simplifies the extraction, enrichment and analysis of network and machine data from across multi-vendor environments, providing users with the capability to collect performance at scale and provide actionable events based on automatic, abnormal condition detection.

BT selected the SevOne Data Platform based on several different factors, including the breadth of its data collection coverage, its speed and overall performance, and its unmatched scalability - a key perquisite for BT’s roster of very large customers.  Other deciding factors included the SevOne Data Platform’s ability to meld legacy and next-gen performance data into a single, unified view of the network and its status, as well as its intuitive and easy-to customize dashboards.

to provide its service teams with a single, real-time view of the health of their customers’ networks. Featuring real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities, the platform supports the latest software defined network (SDN) technologies, Enterprise Wi-Fi and multi-vendor software defined wide area network (SD-WAN) architectures.

BT’s service teams will use the live stream of information from the SevOne Data Platform to rapidly detect and help resolve issues emerging on their customers’ networks, minimizing costly downtime and service disruptions.

With SevOne, BT has gained complete, clear and real-time views of precisely what’s going on within their customers’ network environments. This insight will allow BT to manage its network services more effectively and lower customers’ operational risk with more timely and precise performance intelligence, faster and more proactive remediation of building issues, and smarter capacity planning.

For BT, the SevOne Data Platform is a foundational element of the path it is building to help its customers head to a more efficient and effective digital future with cutting-edge network and infrastructure resources that will give them real competitive advantages.

The real-time visibility customers need to fully harness the power, flexibility, and scalability of next-gen networking in order to create great customers experiences while closely managing operational risk.  That’s the crux of what SevOne brings to BT.