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With 300 million registered players, many top titles, and $4.4 billion in annual revenues, Electronic Arts (EA) is the world’s largest video game company. To ensure continued success, EA focuses on making sure its users can play their favorite games whenever and wherever they want to. With most players preferring the connected gaming experience, ensuring fast and reliable network performance is a top priority for the company.

Despite focused efforts, however, it was becoming increasingly difficult for EA’s Technical Operations team to consistently deliver fast and reliable network performance. Their challenges stemmed from two factors that are common across the industry. The first is the ‘need for speed’ – the network responsiveness and high transaction rates that fuel the action in games. The second challenge is the uncertainty about how much bandwidth will be needed at any given time. There’s no accurate way for video game companies to predict participation levels, especially during launch events. They rely on educated guesses followed by ‘wait and see’, which creates provisioning headaches.

These challenges were being made worse by EA’s legacy network monitoring tool. The system lacked the visibility required to alert the EA team about potential bandwidth issues in time to mitigate them. It also couldn’t provide the granular visibility the team needed to find, diagnose and fix issues before they grew into problems that affected gamers’ experiences.

This customer success story details how, by switching to SevOne, the EA team now can leverage comprehensive, real-time intelligence about how well their network is performing. Whether it’s speed, bandwidth requirements, or any other network performance issue, EA’s staff now has actionable insights they can use to keep their online gamers happily playing.

Click here to learn more about how switching to the SevOne Platform has enabled EA’s Technical Operations team to be proactive in its monitoring and managing its network, resulting in the ultimate gaming experience. With Electronic Arts and SevOne, it’s always “Game On!”

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