“EMA Value Leader” Has a Nice Ring to It


All of us here on the SevOne product team were excited but not surprised when Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) recognized SevOne as a “Value Leader” in its latest Radar Report on Network Performance Management (NPM).

With the amount of network infrastructure change taking place these days, and the complexity those changes involve, many organizations are looking to bolster their NPM capabilities. But the NPM vendor landscape is crowded and can be confusing.

That’s why many organizations look to sources of objective information on vendors and their products. The EMA Radar Report is one of those sources. It offers a thorough assessment of NPM vendors and their products. The Radar Report is a valuable tool that organizations can use to get a sense of the overall strength of vendors and how their solutions stack up in areas including architecture and integration, functionality, deployment and administration, and costs.

EMA’s Radar Report findings help prospective customers sort through the market noise and complexity, and quickly identify the short list of vendors that can meet their needs.

To earn the title of a “Value Leader”, a company and its solution basically needs to score highly in all of the Radar Report’s categories, and that’s precisely what SevOne did. For his assessment of SevOne, the Report’s author, Shamus McGillicuddy, EMA’s VP of Research, Network Management, led off with the following description.

“SevOne offers the SevOne Network Data Platform, an NPM solution rooted in infrastructure monitoring with a strong, complementary flow monitoring component. SevOne is a popular solution for operators of large networks, including communication service providers, managed service providers, and large enterprises.”

Other highlights from the SevOne assessment include the following.

  • “SevOne’s solution is designed to manage carrier-class networks. Its platform architecture is excellent, with strong data collection capabilities, strong platform scalability and performance ratings, and outstanding data retention resources.”
  • “SevOne emphasizes scalability and openness with its solution. The product offers a graceful horizontal approach to scalability by clustering multiple instances of the product.”
  • “SevOne has also focused on offering open APIs for streaming its data into third-party systems for its many large customers who maintain data lakes of performance data.”
  • (The SevOne solution is also differentiated by) “visualizations and workflows that are simple, scalable, reusable, and sharable. It’s devoted resources in recent years to providing visibility into SDN, SD-WAN, and Wi-Fi infrastructure.”

Many enterprise and other types of organizations are fundamentally changing their network environments today. They are determined to retain their existing competitive advantages and gain new ones by revamping their business models, business processes, and workflows using modern networking technologies as their foundations.

For these organizations, the trap that’s just ahead is how easy it is for them to let their networking functionality get too far ahead of their network monitoring capabilities. That’s a high-wire act without a net.

Smart organizations recognize this trap and are taking steps to avoid falling into it. The biggest and best step they can take is to invest in a next-generation network monitoring solution. By procuring and deploying such a solution, these organizations will have appropriate monitoring capabilities – monitoring that is just as flexible, fast, and scalable as their new networks.

But there’s the critical question of which vendors can meet their requirements n cost-effective ways. A great way for these teams to not only formulate the right NPM questions, but also to start moving toward answers is to read EMA’s latest Radar Report for NPM and check out the “Value Leaders”.

SevOne has earned a high spot in this ranking. For anyone tasked with assessing NPM players, it’s a must-read. To access your copy, click here.