“Hey, what are you guys working on this year?”

When it comes to setting near-term priorities and securing budget dollars, enterprise IT and networking pros generally have things pretty well buttoned up. They know which projects are needed most, what they’ll cost, and how the completion of those projects will help drive better business results. They make solid business cases, secure the needed funding, and then confidently set about executing their plans.

While they’re clearly focused on their companies’ priorities, the IT leaders I’ve met always have a healthy curiosity about what’s going on across the industry. They want to know how their priorities compare to the lists drawn up by their peers in competing companies and in other organizations.

Here at SevOne, we’re also interested in that information. We wanted to get a read on what IT leaders were setting as their near-term (this year) funded priorities.

So, we went ahead and asked them. This past February, we fielded a global survey that asked IT executives from large enterprises, CSPs and MSPs about their network budgeted priorities for 2019.

Woven throughout the responses was one clear take-away: digital transformation is happening right now, and effective network monitoring is core to its success. Another interesting finding was that the majority of these executives reported having multiple priority projects underway simultaneously, all of which fall within six specific categories.

This infographic provides a summary of the key findings of our 2019 Network Infrastructure Budgeted Priorities survey.

SevOne can support your organization’s network and infrastructure improvement initiatives this year and into the future. For more info, check out our website.

In the meantime, best of luck with your 2019 priority projects!

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