Key Network Capacity and Monitoring Use Cases for Financial Services


It’s always great to hear about the success our customers are realizing by using SevOne and today we are highlighting one of our customers in the financial services vertical. Unfortunately we can’t name them but they are a leading financial services company offering a range of services from retirement savings products and services to individual annuities and life insurance products. The company selected SevOne to replace its incumbent network performance management solution and manage the network capacity for its lines of business and the bandwidth of its call centers.

This company’s previous solution posed problems for them because it was so difficult to use and required a team of people to manage. Using the old solution required anyone who used the product to train for at least a month on the ins and outs of the solution. The main goal of its new monitoring solution was “ease of use.” A network operations manager for the company said, “We needed a solution that we wouldn’t have to send someone to school for a month to learn how to use.”

SevOne is being utilized for two main purposes, one of which is monitoring the network of its different lines of business for network capacity planning. The company looks for how much bandwidth is being used, how much is needed, whether its servers are trending towards maximum utilization, and also to see network capacity projections. Its second major use of SevOne is to monitor its call centers around the country to see if they are pushing the limits of their circuits and if so, the company is able to easily increase bandwidth or come up with an alternative solution going forward. Being able to monitor and trend network performance data is key to running a smooth call center business.

SevOne’s SVP of worldwide sales, Bill Conners, commented on a recent press release saying: “Bandwidth and capacity management is one of the original, most fundamental reasons for having a network performance management platform and we knew without a doubt we could help this company replace its current solution and succeed in this key area. SevOne has had a lot of success in the financial services market as these firms need the complete and immediate analysis and reports we deliver to ensure the performance of their key operations. We are always excited to get involved in replacement deals because we are able to quickly demonstrate our value and show how SevOne is the logical choice.”