Major Airline’s SDN Transition has Smooth Takeoff with SevOne

Major Airline’s SDN Transition has Smooth Takeoff with SevOne

This major international airline provides passenger and cargo flight services to nearly 200 destinations in 42 countries and flies nearly a million passengers each month. The airline’s more than 23,000 employees were increasingly using the web as well as smartphones, tablets and other connected devices to do their jobs. Mobile employees expect to be able to connect at any time from any place, which created the issue of provisioning employee devices with optimal amounts of networking and capacity bandwidth.

The company faced surges and drop-offs in demand that the network operations team wasn’t able to anticipate due to its legacy network’s hardware-centric design and static approach to provisioning. To increase operational efficiency and business agility, the company decided to transition from a legacy, hardware-centric network infrastructure to software-defined networking (SDN) environment. While moving to SDN was the answer, the transition came with many questions. How could the company ensure a smooth transition without disrupting its complex operations? How could it ensure delivery of reliable high-quality network services during and after the SDN migration?

This new customer success story highlights how this major airline successfully transitioned from a legacy network to a new, SDN-based environment. Thanks to the SevOne Platform, the company was able to gain the level of infrastructure visibility it was looking for. With real-time, end-to-end infrastructure visibility, the airline’s network operations team can now identify and mitigate issues before they cause performance problems.

Read the success story for all of the details on why this major airline selected the SevOne Platform as its infrastructure monitoring and management solution.

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