Major U.S. Wireless Carrier Solves Service Monitoring Puzzle with SevOne


With nearly 5 million customers and over 6,400 employees, this top-five U.S. wireless carrier provides national network coverage, 99% of which offers 4G LTE speeds. While its award-winning customer service is a company hallmark, it was experiencing issues with internal customer support. The issue was that it was becoming increasingly difficult for the network operations team to produce critical performance reports for their internal customers, the carrier’s service owners and managers.

The carrier’s network had grown too large and complex for its legacy monitoring system to handle. As a result, despite many ‘all-nighters’ and endless work-arounds, the NOC team was often unable to produce the accurate and timely reports that their internal customers required. And since the reports usually focused on service-impacting events, the problems were beginning to impact external customers. That’s when the company realized that it was time for a smarter, more effective approach.

This customer success story details how this wireless provider eliminated its performance reporting problems by switching to SevOne. With the real-time, end-to-end visibility provided by the SevOne Platform, the NOC team can now see and instantly report on performance metrics for any location or any device, anywhere in the carrier’s network.  That means service owners get reports they need in seconds or minutes, rather than hours or days.